Fabric purchased for my blazer!

Fabric for blazerAfter much hemming and hawing at Gather Here, I finally decided on fabric for my blazer: navy with kelly green polka dots.  Woo hoo!!  I also decided, as per one of the pattern’s “amazing” recommendations, to add some piping along the inside of the jacket where the front facing meets the lining.  I went with a jewel-toned pink and picked up some cotton cording.  For the lining, I had purchased some cheapo black polyester lining at Grey’s Fabric & Notions last week, since I wanted a “low-pressure” fabric for my first attempt at working with slippery fabrics.

Now that the fabric has been purchased, this project is starting to feel like an actual garment sewing adventure instead of a never-ending exercise in tailoring and pattern adjustments.  I’m getting excited!

Second muslin unpicked

Tonight I unpicked the second muslin and went over my adjusted seam lines in black marker, and tomorrow I’ll transfer the new seam lines to the paper pattern pieces.  Then I will finally be able to start on the actual garment… can you believe it?  I ordered this pattern on June 6, and now it’s August already!  Between a crazy work schedule, all the fitting adjustments, and a bunch of staring at the muslins with a grumpy look on my face, it’s about time this project actually got moving.

As for the polka dot fabric, it satisfied my requirements going into the fabric store:

  • Not a solid color
  • Not black, brown, or gray
  • Dark-ish color
  • Subtle print, so as not to look like a human doily

Done and done!  I can’t quite picture how the polka dots will look as a finished blazer, but I’ll see it for myself soon enough.  Let the blazer construction begin!  : )

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