Tackling my first blazer pattern

Overwhelmed by blazer pattern

To say that I am overwhelmed by this blazer pattern is an understatement.  OMG, what have I gotten myself into?  : )  On Friday night I decided to buckle down and open up the Simplicity 2446 pattern envelope that I had ordered a few weeks ago, and once I laid out all the pattern tissue and got out my ruler and tracing paper, I stood back and took a breath.  Hmm.  I think this project is going to be a challenge.  But then again, that’s the whole reason I want to give it a try!  Diving in head first is the best way to learn how to handle more challenging garments and techniques, right?  Right??  : )

Simplicity 2446 pattern envelope

I like that this pattern has a classic cut and uses a bunch of traditional tailoring techniques to construct a clean-cut blazer.  It’s not overly stylized and will hopefully be a good introduction to jacket construction.  Deep breaths…

Blazer pattern with dress in background

I spent some time on Friday night reading through the pattern instructions, looking over the pattern pieces, and trying to figure out exactly what lies ahead of me.  I’m excited and terrified at the same time.  And look what’s in the background – a finished yellow polka dot dress!  Photos to come soon.  You can also see my pink floral pleated skirt, which I wound up wearing yesterday.  : )

Traced and cut blazer pieces

Since I’m anticipating several muslins and lots of pattern adjustments to get the fit just right (store-bought blazers never fit me well, so I’m planning several alterations right from the start), I decided to trace the pattern pieces and preserve the original tissue, just in case.  It took a while to get everything traced and cut, but I’m so glad I took the extra time to do it.  Peace of mind is worth quite a bit, I think.

I’ve started making alterations and will have more photos coming soon.  What a saga already!  I’m excited for a beautiful finished jacket though… you know, sometime in the next few months.  : )

Maggie looking sleepyMaggie is exhausted just thinking about the upcoming blazer saga.  : )

Hope you’re all having a good weekend!

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