The invisible zipper is my sewing nemesis

Yellow polka dot dress - invisible zipper installed

It took me 2 hours and a lot of cursing, sweating, and exasperated sighs… but I managed to install the invisible zipper on my yellow polka dot dress.  Phew!  Why is this always such a challenge for me?  I tell myself that it’s because I don’t have an invisible zipper foot and am using a regular zipper foot, but can it really make that much of a difference?  Regardless, it’s done now, and I don’t want to think about zippers again for a good long while.  : )

Despite all the drama, I’m actually fairly pleased with how everything came out.  I guess all my frustration was worth it?  You can see from the photo above that there are no glaring errors and that the neckband and waistband seams match up pretty well, so I guess I’m calling this a success.  Hurrah!

Yellow polka dot dress - bottom of zipper - outside

Finishing the bottom of the zipper opening was particularly challenging for me.  I suspect it’s because I used a French seam for the center back seam below the zipper, so I got a bit of a “bump over” where the zipper meets the pressed-to-one-side seam.  See how the seam isn’t exactly a straight line? Grrr.  My hand stitching just above the bump isn’t great either, but hey, who’s going to notice unless they’re staring at my rear end?  : )

Yellow polka dot dress - invisible zipper installed - inside view

I haven’t yet tacked down the bodice lining, but I did do the bit of hand sewing on the skirt lining to finish up the lower zipper area.  This is starting to look like a finished dress…

Yellow polka dot dress - bottom of zipper - lining

And here’s a close-up of the lining at the bottom of the zipper, once again featuring my mediocre hand stitching job.  I had to hand sew the lining pieces together for about an inch below the zipper.  In retrospect, I guess I could have machine stitched this… ha!  Oh well, too late now!

Yellow polka dot dress - crumpled mess

One of the reasons I consider the invisible zipper my sewing nemesis is the fact that my precious fabric always seems to wind up in a crumpled ball during the installation.  Before zipper: nicely pressed fabric.  After zipper: wrinkles galore.  I must have turned the dress inside out (and back again) about 10 times.  Sure I can iron out the wrinkles, but it’s harder to do once the zipper goes in.

Yellow polka dot dress - front view as of July 9As I frequently tell myself during a long work day: “I’m getting there.”  This dress is moving right along!  As with the turquoise version, the dress actually sews up pretty quickly since it’s not a very complicated pattern.  Perhaps I’ll have a finished product in another week or so… stay tuned.

Hope you all had a good Tuesday.  I’m exhausted and ready for bed!

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