Holiday weekends are great for sewing

Yellow polka dot dress - bodice front

Look what I did on my day off from work today — I put together the entire top half of my long-neglected yellow polka dot dress!  It’s amazing how much sewing I can get done when my day job isn’t getting in the way.  : )  The pattern is Butterick 5353, which I also used to make my turquoise and yellow dress.  Since I had taken care of the alterations the first time around, this second dress is a breeze.  It was so great to have an entire day off to sit at my sewing machine, and even better that I have something to show for all those hours.  And how about those polka dots — so cute!

Yellow polka dot dress - bodice back

The neckband is completely finished at this point, although the zipper down the center back has yet to go in.  I actually don’t have a zipper to put in this dress yet, which reminds me that I really need to go pick one up one of these days.

Yellow polka dot dress - bodice lining

Like my turquoise dress, this dress will be fully lined, and instructions for the lining are actually included in the pattern.  I’m a huge fan of lining my handmade garments for two main reasons: (1) the lining gives the garment a bit of structure, and (2) the inside of the garment looks professionally finished.  I would have liked to use a fun lining for this dress, but since the outer fabric is such a light color, I went with a plain white lining to avoid any pattern showing through on the outside.  I actually think the white gives it a crisp feeling, like a breezy summer day.  : )

Yellow polka dot dress - hand sewing on bodiceHere you can (hopefully) see my hand stitching attaching the neckband facing to the lining.  I love these little hand-sewn finishing details — they make each garment just that much more special.

The more I work with this crazy bright yellow fabric, the more I love it.  Have I gone completely insane? Who wears bright yellow polka dots like these?  : )  I just love that sewing my own clothes allows me to wear such bold colors and prints that are often hard to find in ready-to-wear fashion.  I can only imagine the comments I’ll receive while wearing this dress in public… haha.

Oh, and speaking of comments, I’ve gotten such a great response from friends, family, and coworkers (and even random people on the street!) on my turquoise and yellow dress — exciting!  A few weeks ago I was walking back from the fabric store and an older gentleman said to me, “Ma’am, that is a beautiful dress!”  I turned around assuming he was talking to someone behind me, and then sheepishly realized he had been talking to me.  That totally made my day.

I’m not sure this crazy yellow dress will attract the same comments, but I’m SO looking forward to wearing it.  : )

4 thoughts on “Holiday weekends are great for sewing

  1. I would! I would totally wear crazy yellow polka dots like this! It looks awesome, and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished garment. 🙂


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