Baby bib for a little entrepreneur

Business man baby bib - front

The perfect accessory for a future CEO?  : )  I whipped up this little “business man” baby bib a few weekends ago when a friend came over for a crafty weekend.  I got the idea from this bib pattern on Etsy (which also features an adorable Superman version), and used this bib outline from Purl Soho.  I just eyeballed the “suit” pieces on copy paper, cut out corresponding fabric pieces, and sewed it all together.  The fabric came from the fat quarter bundle I won in January (yay!), and I used a colorful cotton flannel for the back (pictured below).  A quick and easy little baby gift!

Business man baby bib - back

My friend and I had a great time sewing together, as neither of us has any other sewing-inclined friends.  What a treat to sew together for a few days!  We live a few hours apart, so it was really nice to get together and nerd it up with our sewing machines.  : )  Since we have a mutual friend who is expecting, baby bibs were a perfect quick project.

Sewing weekend 1

My friend brought her serger (to the left in the photo above) – what a treat to take it for a spin!  I am still pretty terrified of serging — that knife cuts all of your fabric!! — but hopefully I’ll get the hang of it with a little more practice.  Perhaps one day I’ll buy one of my own?  : )

Sewing weekend 2

Clearly we were having fun!  Below are a few photos of my friend’s bib, as well as the business man bib during construction.  She made a little scientist in a lab coat with safety goggles and a bubbling test tube (both made out of felt).  Adorable!  Since we’re both scientists, as is our expecting friend, she thought it would be a great idea.  She used the same colorful flannel that I did for the back.

Business man and scientist bibs - front Business man and scientist bibs - backAll in all, we had a fun weekend and wound up with two pretty cute bibs!  Hopefully our friend (and her little business man/scientist) will enjoy them.  : )

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