A turquoise and yellow bodice

Turquoise and yellow dress - bodie front

Finally, I’m actually putting this dress together!  The bodice is mostly complete at this point… isn’t it pretty?  : )  I haven’t started on the skirt yet (which will be all turquoise), but that’s next on the list.  For now, I’m enjoying oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over my finished bodice.  Yay, actual progress is being made!  No more f-ing muslins!!

Turquoise and yellow dress - bodice back

I’m really happy with the final result of the back armhole area, as I did some tweaking and slight pattern adjustment in this area to eliminate a bit of gaping.  I think I essentially built a shoulder dart into the princess seams.  It looks great when I try it on – no gaping, and a nice, smooth curve around the back of my shoulder.  The center back is still unfinished, since the zipper won’t go in until the skirt is fully attached.

Turquoise and yellow dress - bodice opened up

And here’s the cute polka dot lining – I love it!  I decided to line the neckband in self fabric, since the lining does peek out a bit on the outside of the dress.  Similarly, I lined the waistband in the same yellow fabric that’s on the outside of the dress, since the polka dots would have shown through, even with interfacing in there.  I’ll still have polka dots on the bodice and skirt lining, which I can see myself discreetly flashing to people while wearing the dress.  : )

Turquoise and yellow dress - hand stitching on neckline facing

I sewed the neckband facing to the bodice lining by hand, as usual.  The corners where the neckband meet the bodice (for example, in the upper left portion of the above photo) were tricky to get just right, but I’m satisfied with the result.  I finished them while dealing with a bad bout of allergies, so all things considered, they came out pretty well.

Turquoise and yellow dress - understitching on armhole

The inside of the armholes came out nicely thanks to some understitching.  Also, you can see my horizontal Frankenstein seam in the bodice lining on the right.  It adds a little bulk right at the center of the armhole, but not enough to be noticeable from the outside.

Turquoise and yellow dress - armhole outside viewSee?  A nice, clean armhole.  : )

I’ve been really enjoying putting this dress together, and I’ve been taking a lot of satisfaction in the fruits of my pattern alteration labor.  We’ll see how it all comes together once the skirt and zipper go in, but I’m cautiously optimistic at this point.  Plus, I really do love this color combination.  So cheerful!

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend (an extra-long weekend for those of us in the US)!

P.S. – This blog now features a fancy homemade “Finished Project Gallery” button in the sidebar.  Do not ask me how many hours it took me to make that button!

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