I am sick of muslins!

Turquoise and yellow dress - second muslin complete - front

My turquoise and yellow dress is still in the muslin phase… and the end of the fitting process can’t come soon enough.  Oh sewing gods, please save me from this fitting odyssey!!  Blargh!  The good news is that my second muslin really did come out better than the first.  The photo above was taken after I re-installed the zipper, and I’m pretty satisfied with the fit.  Finally.  As they say on Seinfeld, serenity now!!

Turquoise and yellow dress - second muslin complete - side      Turquoise and yellow dress - second muslin complete - back

The view from the side isn’t bad.  I can’t say that I’m crazy about the little pleats on the front of the skirt (do they make my stomach look puffy from the side?), but I don’t hate them either.  The back view looks great.  Done and done!

Turquoise and yellow dress - second muslin deconstructed

With the fit finally straightened out (for the most part), I ripped out all the basting on the muslin, resulting in familiar piles of tortured polka dot lining pieces and little white threads.  I am sick of seeing these piles!

Turquoise and yellow dress - pattern alterations after second muslin

And sick of staring at these pattern pieces, ugh!  Enough already!  There were just a *few* final tweaks that I wanted to make to the fit, so I buckled down and made the adjustments to the pattern and the corresponding lining pieces.  Very begrudgingly.  It pretty much took me the entire week to get around to doing this, as I was dreading another little sit-down with my pencil and ruler.  But I did it.  Victory is mine.

Turquoise and yellow dress - slight bodice alterations 1

Turquoise and yellow dress - slight bodice alterations 2

I chopped off about a half inch from the front armhole area, as the armhole seemed to be digging into my armpit just a bit, especially when I stretched my arms forward.  (You might be able to see this in the upper left corner of the first photo in this post.)  The adjustment was easy enough to make, since I just had to chop off the extra fabric.

Turquoise and yellow dress - slight bodice alterations 3Not so easy when you want to add fabric though!  I added about a half inch to the back armhole, as you can see on the pattern piece above, but I didn’t have enough lining fabric left over to re-cut the piece in the larger version.  What’s a girl to do, you ask?  A very tired, frustrated, sick-of-muslins girl?  Well, I simply chopped off the entire top portion of the fabric piece, cut a new one, and Frankenstein-sewed the top and bottom together.  Done and done!!  I matched up the grain lines, so as far as I’m concerned, this matter has been settled.  : )

Full disclosure: I also let out the waist by 1/4 inch.  Ahem.  Too many cookies perhaps?

Phew!!  I really do think the fitting portion of this project is done now, which means I can finally cut out the outer fabric pieces and get down to business.  If the finished dress doesn’t come out absolutely amazing, I think I might just have to put down my sewing supplies and drink an entire bottle of wine.  Just sayin’.  : )

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