Good news: second muslin appears to be less ginormous

I spent most of the day today working on my turquoise and yellow dress, and I’m happy to report that the second muslin appears to be much less enormous and much less ridiculous than the first.  I’m not sure that I’m 100% satisfied with the fit just yet, but we’re making leaps and bounds compared to my triangular-alien muslin.  Woo hoo!

Turquoise and yellow dress - deconstructed first muslin

Step 1: I ripped out all the seams of the first muslin, collecting all the little threads in a neat pile, as usual.  : )  I was so glad to see this fabric in a flat pile as opposed to a huge mess hanging off my shoulders!

Turquoise and yellow dress- excess fabric from first muslin

Step 2: I carefully trimmed off fabric from just about every piece, hoping for a more fitted (more human-looking?) dress the second time around.  I had originally cut a 14 all around, but this time I decided to cut a 10 for the bodice pieces and between a 10 and a 12 for the skirt.  I removed the inch of length I added at the shoulders, but kept the extra inch at the waist.  Fingers crossed.

Turquoise and yellow dress - better princess seam

Step 3: I re-assembled most of the dress, this time with better princess seams.  See?  No puckers!  The seam isn’t exactly straight, but believe me, this is much improved from my first attempt.  Hopefully I’ll be good to go once I finally get to the final version of the dress… although that still seems pretty far away.  Blargh, fitting issues!

Turquoise and yellow dress - bodice of second muslinStep 4: Although I still haven’t had a chance to put the zipper in, I tried on the almost-finished second muslin to test the fit.  Much better!!  It’ll be hard to make any real conclusions until the zipper is in (hopefully by tomorrow morning), but I’m happy that this seems to be moving in the right direction.  I suspect it’s actually a little too small this time around (did I overdo it??), but I’m happy that at least this version falls within the realm of normalcy.

Phew!!  This dress had better be fabulous when it’s all said and done!

8 thoughts on “Good news: second muslin appears to be less ginormous

  1. It is awesome to see you not giving up! Most people just stop trying…And it does look so much better…but I was wandering? Are you just blindly trying different things? There are so many techniques to sewing that you use every time you make anything that you seem to be missing. I can’t imagine how frustrating that is. Sewing is a building block skill…


    • Thanks! I don’t think I’d give up unless something was really doomed, and this project still seems totally fixable.

      If there’s something obvious that I’m missing, please fill me in! I’m a beginner, and I’m learning as I go. The alterations I’ve been making certainly aren’t random. The first round (before the first muslin) was based on alterations I typically need on all patterns, and the second round (after the muslin) was based on the fit of the muslin. I pinched out fabric here and there, moved things around, and then adjusted the pattern pieces to fit what I wanted to change. If there is a better way to do this (without a dressform and a second pair of hands), please share! : )


  2. I totally understand where you are coming from, and after sewing for ages I also know there are some alternations that I have to look at every time I make a dress for myself, but learning to read the pattern, kind of like a book, before you ever cut it is a great way to start. Also there are so many different kinds of patterns that that can be hard too. It is like jeans being “sizes” in different stores, but being the same measurements.
    Learning about how ALL patterns are drafted is a great place to start (even furniture and draperies, etc). Also reading about the differences between seam allowance and pattern measurements is good too. Many patterns have that sizes printed on the envelopes, the seam allowances printed in the instructions, and the Ease printed on the pattern and they are ALL different numbers that mean something different. You may be altering the whole pattern where you only need to change the Ease…


    • I think “reading a pattern like a book” will take a few years of experience. : ) For now, I’m just happy if I can get the darn thing to fit me, regardless of what I have to do to get there!


  3. This one is definitely looking better than the previous… 🙂 I’m looking forward to having a go at making clothing, potential for brilliant results alongside potential for hilarious mishaps!

    I also wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award ❤ I really enjoy reading your blog, so I think that you deserve it! To receive it, just go to the post where I’ve nominated you – and follow the rules (it’s not too difficult!) to start spreading some more sweetness of your own 🙂 Congratulations!


    • WOW, thank you so much!!! That is incredibly kind and sweet of you. It means a lot that you enjoy reading my little blog! I’m really delighted that you thought of me. : )


  4. Haha, the nailed it picture made me smile! I LOVE that meme! Definitely, it’s better to have too big than too small, at least it can be easily fixed up 🙂


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