Change of plans: same colors, different dress

Turquoise and yellow fabric

As a woman, I reserve the right to change my mind at the last minute.  : )  I had originally thought about making another 60s dress, but after making two in a row (here and here), I decided I wanted something a little more modern this time around.  Then again, since I was really digging the teal and yellow idea, I kept that part of the plan.  Behold my new fabric above!  The teal is more of a turquoise since I couldn’t find the *perfect* teal, but I’m happy with it.  Close enough!  And how cute are those polka dots??

Butterick 5353 pattern image

I decided to go with Butterick 5353 – a fitted dress with circular neckline and cut-out armholes.  I like the idea of a slim, fitted dress (remember my Butterick 5602?), and this pattern seems pretty classy and summery.  I’m planning to make View B – the version on the right with the contrast waistband.  The dress will be turquoise with a yellow waist, and the lining will be the cute polka dot fabric.  I love a surprise lining!  I actually think the dots will show through the yellow fabric at the waist, so I’ll have to add some interfacing or a double layer of fabric – I’ll figure something out.

I liked this pattern when I saw it, but I was also inspired by some amazing versions in the blogosphere (of course!).  : )  Check these out:

How great are those dresses??  : )  If you’ve also made this pattern, please tell us in the comments!

Pattern piece assembly in progress

I bought the pattern online as the print-at-home version (great for when you want to start sewing right now), so I’m currently in the process of taping all the sheets of paper together to assemble the pattern pieces.  Kind of annoying, but worth it to get the pattern right away.  I’m planning to make my typical pattern adjustments (adding length at the shoulders and waist) right away, and then I’ll make a muslin out of the lining fabric to test the fit.

This dress is the perfect example of why making my own clothes is so enjoyable: ready-to-wear woven dresses with fitted bodices *never* fit me, so much so that I don’t even bother trying them on anymore.  My upper torso is just too long for the standard cut.  But now, with the magic of my sewing machine, I can wear dresses that have been off-limits my entire adult life.  Plus I get to pick my own colors!

Yay for new sewing projects, and yay for this great color combo!  I’m excited!  : )

2 thoughts on “Change of plans: same colors, different dress

  1. I love this pattern and the colors too. Great decision! My first thought, though, with regard to the lining showing through was that it could make the look interesting. Your choice, of course!


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