Color inspiration… for another mod 60s dress?

McCalls 8680 vintage dress pattern - closeup

Now that my bright happy dress is complete, what’s next on my sewing table?  Perhaps this awesome mod 60s dress (McCall’s 8680) that I got in my Etsy vintage pattern splurge?  I love the green version on the right, and I’m thinking of maybe doing it with short sleeves for summer, keeping the stripes on the sleeve cuffs since they make me want to go back to the 1960s like right now.  : )

But… in what color(s)?  Choosing colors is the hardest part of sewing for me, and I tend to spend hours and hours musing over the possibilities… not to mention hours at Gather Here actually picking out fabric.  Below are my color ideas so far.  I’m excited about them!

JCrew teal and yellow shoes

Teal and yellow.  Teal and yellow!  Oh, how I adore thee!  I am pretty much head over heels in love with this color combination, as exemplified in this super hot pair of heels from J.Crew.  I’m picturing a saturated teal dress with a deep/rich yellow stripe down the center and along the sleeve cuffs.  I feel like the modern color combo will bring the vintage pattern into the 21st century.

Lab animals science fabric by Michael Miller

See, even “lab animals doing science” (fabric by Michael Miller) appreciate the gorgeousness of the teal and yellow color combo.  : )  Look at those yellow rabbit ears on top of the teal background – love it!  I think it would be a pretty bold statement, but what are handmade garments for, if not to make that bold color statement that you just can’t find in boring ready-to-wear fashion for the masses?

Christina Ricci Givenchy pink and red dress

As much as I love the teal/yellow idea, I’m also thinking about doing a tonal combination with a peachy pink and maybe a darker pink or red, as in this gorgeous Givenchy gown modeled by Christina Ricci.  I like the idea of a peachy pink dress for summer, and a darker/tonal stripe might be nice way to make the bold statement of the mod 60s stripe without being *too* much of a contrasting color.

McCalls 8680 vintage dress pattern

Can I also just make a quick comment about how fabulous and glamorous all three of these cartoon models look?  I want that 60s hair!  Well, and I’ll take the slender cartoon body while we’re at it.  : )   I wasn’t around in the 60s, but I bet the fashion was fantastic.

As for my next dress, perhaps my final color decision will be made at the fabric store when I’m standing in front of the wall of solid colors and deciding whether they have the *perfect* shade or not.  Sometimes it all comes down to what bolts are on the shelf on that particular day.  Here’s hoping for a great project regardless!

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