So close to a finished dress…

Bright happy dress - hem complete

Tonight I finished off the final details of the bright happy dress: hemming the dress and the lining, and making a quick blue sash.  Technically the dress is finished at this point, so look for the photo shoot coming soon!  : )  You can see the finished hem in the photo above – just a simple machine hem for each layer.  Below are a few photos of the belt, which is fabulously turquoise.  Love it!

Bright happy dress - belt pattern

I used the sash pattern from Butterick 5613 (my four spring skirts) since I had it lying around and liked the finished sash from previous projects.  It was easier than having to measure out a really long rectangle by hand!

Bright happy dress - belt pinned

So many pins… you know I love my pins.  : )  You can see the double horizontal pins where I reminded myself to leave an opening in the center back of the sash for turning it inside out.  There is a matching set of double pins just out of view of this photo, leaving about a 5-inch opening.

Bright happy dress - hand sewing the belt

I used a mattress stitch to finish off the sash opening.  Ah, the relaxation of a few hand stitches.

Bright happy dress - belt completeAnd just like that, a finished blue sash.  Easy peasy!  I love the pointy ends – so cute.

I tried on the finished dress with the sash, and I don’t think I’ll need belt loops after all.  The sash and the dress are both 100% cotton, so they kind of “stick” to each other, which is perfect for holding up the sash.  Awesome.

I can’t believe how quickly this project came together – two weeks flat!  Stay tuned for some ta-dah photos.  : )

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