The Mad Men dress goes to work

Mad Men dress styled 1 - Vogue 7298

I wore my beloved Mad Men dress (vintage Vogue 7298) to work yesterday – styled with a cute floral cardigan from Ann Taylor.  Hooray for wearing handmade garments to work!  : )  Problem: when you work in a lab with hazardous chemicals that you might spill on yourself (ahem), wearing precious garments might not be such a good idea.  I’m pretty sure I spilled acid on the skirt at one point and almost had a heart attack.  Argh!!  So far I don’t see the characteristic acid stain (ask me how I know what an acid stain looks like), but we’ll see.  Crossing my fingers that disaster has been averted here.  Such drama!

Mad Men dress styled 2 - Vogue 7298           Mad Men dress styled 3 - Vogue 7298

I did enjoy wearing a fabulous handmade garment for the rest of the day though, despite the acid splatter in the morning.  I got a few nice compliments from labmates who know that I sew, and I do feel  kind of fancy prancing around the lab in a nice dress.  Haha, am I crazy?  I dress like such a slob for the lab everyday, so once in a while I have to remind myself that I am, in fact, a woman.  : )  I used to wear nice clothes and heels to work everyday (when I had an office job), and I miss it!  Oh well, it’s one of the many sacrifices I make to do the work that I love.  Go science!

Can you picture me wearing safety goggles and latex gloves in this outfit?  Ha!

Do you wear your handmade creations to work?  : )

2 thoughts on “The Mad Men dress goes to work

  1. What a great dress! I hope the acid doesn’t ruin it – that would be such a shame! I can just picture the retro mad scientist look – so awesome!


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