Peacefully hand sewing the lining into place

Bright happy dress - lining progress 1 back

More progress on the bright happy dress: hand sewing the bodice lining into the dress.  I’m using the same technique as I did for the Mad Men dress – see these two posts – essentially pinning the lining into place (with a million pins, you know me!) and using a simple mattress stitch to attach it.  I’ve quite enjoyed the process of hand sewing this time around, really embracing the peaceful repetition with some good music playing in the background.  Perfect for a relaxing evening!

Bright happy dress - lining progress 2 back

I started by sewing the neckline and armhole edges, and I think all three came out really nicely.  I just love the professional finish of this technique!

Bright happy dress - lining hand sewing closeup

Can you see my tiny white mattress stitches in the photo above?  I can see them because I know they’re there, but I think the stitching blends in completely when looking at the dress from afar – one of the nice advantages of hand stitching over machine stitching in this case.  I would never hand sew an entire dress, but these little finishing bits are manageable.  : )

Bright happy dress - lining progress 2 front

After finishing the curvy bits, I tucked under the bottom edge of the bodice lining by about 5/8 inch and tacked it to the skirt lining with more mattress stitch.  This dress is starting to look almost finished, no?  Exciting!

Bright happy dress - lining progress 2 backI still have to fold under the vertical raw edges and attach them to the zipper tape, but that should only take a few minutes to finish up.  After that, all that’s left is hemming the skirt and making the turquoise sash.  The end is near – I can taste it!

Have you ever attached a lining by hand?  I’m curious how popular this technique is, as opposed to the more modern method of machine sewing the lining directly to the armholes and neckline with no facings (and then doing that magical inside-out maneuver that I can never quite figure out).

Hope you all had a good evening!  : )

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