A full day of sewing!

Bright happy dress - sneak peek

I got a ton of sewing done on my bright happy dress yesterday – see how cute it’s looking so far?  : )  The photo above is just a little sneak peak… because you *know* I had to try it on as soon as the zipper went in, haha.  Lots of in-progress photos below – enjoy!

Bright happy dress - 01 invisible zipper inserted

The invisible zipper went in like a dream.  I think I get a little better at it each time I do it.  Above you can see the dress inside out, right after the zipper went in.

Bright happy dress - 02 zipper closeup bodice

The zipper is so straight and even!  Full disclosure: I did rip out one small section and do it over, but I think the finished product came out pretty well.

Bright happy dress - 03 zipper closeup skirt lining

I sewed the lining to the zipper tape by hand, as usual.

Bright happy dress - 04 sewing in facings

Next up: attaching the facings.  Here the neckline facing is in, and one of the armhole facings is pinned into place.

Bright happy dress - 05 armhole facing with pins

Yet another example of me using a million pins.  What can I say?  : )

Bright happy dress - 06 facings complete front

All 3 facings went in pretty smoothly.  They’re hard to see here because the print is so bright and busy!

Bright happy dress - 07 facings complete back

And here are the finished facings from the back – before I finished the center back neckline.

Bright happy dress - 08 center back facing inside

To finish the center back, I hand sewed the neckline facing to the zipper tape, making sure to leave enough room between the facing and the zipper teeth so as not to interfere with the operation of the zipper.  I tried to make the top pieces neat and even…

Bright happy dress - 09 center back neckline finished

… but they inevitably came out slightly uneven!  Argh!!  I always have so much trouble making this area come out well.  Anyone know the secret to a perfect center back neckline?

Bright happy dress - 10 invisible zipper finished

I *am* pretty happy with the zipper though – you can barely even see it (running vertically) in the photo above!

Bright happy dress - 11 preparing the lining

Once the facings were all set, I started preparing the bodice lining.  I’m once again attaching the lining by hand as suggested in the Reader’s Digest New Complete Guide to Sewing (which I highly recommend, by the way – it’s so thorough!).  I trimmed off about 1.25 inches from the neckline and armholes, and I tucked the raw edges under by about 1/4 inch.  Most of the edge is on the bias, so it’s easy to stretch the edge around the curves.

Bright happy dress - 12 finished lining neckline

After some topstitching and pressing, the lining edge looks great!

Bright happy dress - 13 lining ready for hand sewing to bodice

Here’s the finished bodice lining, ready to be hand-sewn to the fashion fabric facings at the neckline and armholes (and later along the zipper tape and top of the skirt).  I have a lot of hand sewing in my future now… but the professional finish is totally worth it.

Carolyn head shotAnd here’s a very rare shot of my face!  (You can see my finished Daisychain ABCs embroidery proudly displayed in the background.)

Stay tuned for more on the bright happy dress.  Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend.  : )

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