Bright happy skirt assembled

Bright happy dress - skirt construction

Sewing continues on the bright happy dress!  After stitching the bodice pieces together on Thursday night, last night I tackled skirt construction.  One would think that sewing the skirt pieces together would go quickly… but one would be sadly mistaken!  This was quite the odyssey.  Then again, it’s sewing, so it was a pretty enjoyable odyssey.  : )  The reason it took forever is that I used French seams for everything, including topstitching the side seams to keep the seam allowances permanently in place.  It’s time consuming, but I love the finished look and think it’s totally worth it.  Right??  : )

Bright happy dress - French seam detail

I’m not sure how well you can see the white stitching in the photo above, but I attempted to get a close-up of the topstitched French seams.  It involves stitching each seam three times (!!!), but as you can hopefully see, the finished seam looks super flat and *contained* on both sides.  Not a fraying thread in sight, and no need to iron the seam allowances to one side after each wash.  Those seams are not going anywhere!!

Bright happy dress - skirt complete

Here’s the finished skirt with the lining in place.  Love it!  How happy is this fabric, seriously?  : )  The skirt includes a pleat at each side seam, as you can see from the Mad Men dress.  It was hard to get a photo of it here, but hopefully you can see the top edges of the pleats at the top of the skirt.  I treat the fashion fabric and the lining as one when making the pleats so that everything lies smoothly in the finished garment.

Next up: attaching the bodice to the skirt, and then inserting the invisible zipper.  (Why does inserting a zipper make me nervous every time?)

Bright happy dress - Maggie helpingAs usual, Maggie was an excellent sewing helper… keeping my pattern instructions warm and depositing her beautiful white fur all over everything.  Oh cats.  : )

Happy weekend everyone!

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