Dress cutting complete, tote bags in the works

Bright happy dress - pile of pieces

Behold: a pile of very bright dress pieces (and not-so-bright lining pieces) for the Bright Happy Dress.  Step 1 complete!  Many, many more steps to go!  Gotta celebrate each little step along the way, right?  : )  It *is* pretty satisfying to look at this neat pile of garment pieces on my sewing table… so I guess that’s a good reason as any to celebrate.

Lots of pins

Am I the only one who uses a million pins when cutting out fabric?  What’s that – I am?  Really??  : )  This is the armhole facing, BTW.   I drafted a custom facing on white copy paper to match my elongated armhole on the bodice pieces.

Fabric for tote bags

I also had a *little* accident at Gather Here yesterday and came home with some fabric to make two new tote bags.  Oops!  Funny how these things just happen, huh?  : )  I really liked this cat fabric (Maggie fabric?) on the left and the “furry animals doing science” fabric on the right.  Too cute, both of them!  I decided to make reversible tote bags with the animal fabrics on one side and the coordinating flower fabrics on the other.  That way I can choose which side I want to display, depending on how crazy I’m feeling that day.

Fabric for tote bags - pre-washed

Even for tote bags, I pre-wash all my fabric for avoid the dreaded “shrinkage after sewing.”  I just swish the fabric around in warm water for a few minutes, no soap, then hang to dry.

Maggie in my lapIn other news, Maggie has been super snuggly lately, of which I highly approve, of course.  : )  She can be pretty skittish and temperamental, so I really embrace her snuggly phases.  Tonight I was sitting at my desk playing around on the computer, and I looked down and found this cuteness in my lap.  How adorable!  Lots of purring going on in this house lately.  : )

I wish I could say there’s been a lot of sewing going on lately!  Despite the fact that I got home from work a little early today, somehow the night seemed to get away from me.  Oh well!  At least now I have all the dress pieces cut and some pre-washed tote bag fabric all ready to go.  Baby steps.

Hope you all had a great evening!

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