Let the healing (and crafting) begin

Fabric for bright happy dress

After an extremely long and tense day here in Boston yesterday, I’m very eager to let the healing — and the crafting — begin.  : )  In light of the saddening events both in Boston and Texas this week, I decided to make my next sewing project as happy and uplifting as possible.  Enter the “Bright Happy Dress,” as I’ve decided to call it, featuring the extremely colorful and bright print you see here.  In addition to helping me focus on something cheerful, I think the print will be great for spring and summer.  Yay for warm weather!  (Now when will it actually arrive?)

Fabric for bright happy dress - expanded view

Here’s an expanded view of the print.  Holy color bursts, Batman!  I spent a long time at Gather Here today trying to decide if this print was *too* bright, and although I haven’t really convinced myself that it’s not, I bought it anyway.  Oops.  : )  The bit of turquoise fabric is for a belt/sash to wear with the dress, and the solid cream fabric is for the lining.

And what pattern will I be using for this Bright Happy Dress?  The Mad Men dress pattern, of course!  After all that work in making muslins and altering the pattern, I figure I might as well crank out another dress from it.  It’s vintage Vogue 7298 from the 1960s, for those of you keeping track.

Here’s hoping we can all get back to normalcy and crafting in the upcoming week.  : )

Headline from Boston dot com 04-19-13 9:10 pm

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