Mad Men dress: more hand sewing

Mad Men dress - hand sewing the liningI’ve been slowly but surely plugging away on my purple Mad Men dress (vintage Vogue 7298).  I didn’t find much sewing time this week, but tonight I managed to finish hand-sewing the lining into the bodice.  I folded under the edges of the lining along the zipper tape and along the top of the skirt and tacked them in place using a simple mattress stitch.  Easy peasy!

Mad Men dress - close up of pinned liningAbove you can see that I left a decent amount of space (maybe 3/16 of an inch?) between the edge of the lining and the zipper tape, after having learned my lesson on previous projects.  Note: sewing the lining *right* up to the zipper teeth can interfere with opening and closing the zipper.  Ask me how I know this.  : )  It’s the kind of mistake you only make once!

I’m very pleased with how neat and professional the inside of the garment looks.  As I said in my last post, this traditional method of adding in a lining by hand is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.  I’m totally sold on it.

The Mad Men dress is actually almost done at this point.  All I have left to do is the hem, finishing the white stripe in the back (adding snaps and buttons where the pieces of the belt overlap), and adding a hook and eye to the back of the neckline.  Can’t wait for the finished piece!  : )


P.S. – Once a year I do a little “science in the classroom” thing at a local elementary school, and this morning a little girl folded up this note and gave it to me on my way out of her class.  How adorable!

Elementary school thank you note

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