Vintage patterns: Mad Men dress (in progress)

Mad Men dress - in progress - Vogue 7298

I’ve been awful about updating my poor little blog lately, but I’ve certainly been sewing up a storm!  My latest project is a vintage 1960s mod dress, Vogue 7298 (now out of print), which I’ve been affectionately calling the “Mad Men dress.”  Isn’t it fabulous?  I’m in love with that white stripe!  : )

Vintage dress patterns

I bought these 3 vintage 60s/70s dress patterns on Etsy a few weeks ago, and the Mad Men dress is the one in the center.  I love the simple A-line style of all these dresses, and I like how each one has a few little details to make it special.  Looking forward to trying out the other 2 patterns.

Mad Men dress - alterationsMad Men dress - alterations - Vogue 7298

I actually made TWO muslins for this dress, which is highly unusual for me, as I usually make zero.  : )  However, because this pattern is 50 years old, I wanted to check out the fit before I cut the fashion fabric.  I wound up making my usual set of alterations, primarily adding length to the bodice (as you can see above with the white copy paper) since I’m quite the tall giraffe.  Ah, such is life!

Mad men dress - sewing on the stripe - Vogue 7298

I put the white stripe on yesterday, and I admit that I was pretty stressed while doing it.  The stripe is *the* highlight of the dress, so I really wanted to make sure it came out well.  The finished stripe isn’t perfect, but I’m happy with it.  As usual, I used a million pins.  : )

Mad Men dress - on sewing table - Vogue 7298So what do you think?  I am in love, as usual!  I still have a lot to do, including the finishing the collar and armholes, and eventually adding a lining.  But man, I can’t wait to wear this baby out!  Yay for vintage patterns!

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