My first attempt at garment refashioning: sweater to skirt

Skirt refashion from old sweater - front view

Inspired by this awesome t-shirt-to-skirt refashion that I saw on Pinterest, I got myself whipped up into a garment refashioning fury and turned an old sweater into a skirt.  It was super quick and easy, and as you can see from my “after” photo above, the finished product actually looks like a real skirt.  Abra-cadabra, I did it!

Here’s what I did, painted with very large brush strokes:

Skirt refashion from old sweater - original sweater

I started with an old, lightweight cotton, knit Gap sweater that, alas, was no longer wearable due to a big hole in the armpit.  I chopped off the bottom of the sweater right under the v-neck so that I had a large tube.  I also chopped off the sleeves and trimmed them into long rectangles.  I folded the sleeve rectangles in half long ways and sewed them together along the short ends into a tube — which would become the waistband of the skirt.  I then sewed the waistband to the “body” tube of the skirt, hemmed the bottom, and voila!  A sweater skirt.  : )

Skirt refashion from old sweater - right side out

To tweak the fit a little, I tapered the waistband in at the top, about an inch on each side, to prevent gaping in the back.  I also tapered the bottom of the skirt in about 1.5 inches on each side, and the tapers extended about 4.5 inches up the side seams.  This makes for a tighter and more flattering fit, as opposed to having the hem flare out a bit, which I thought looked crappy.

Skirt refashion from old sweater - inside out

You can see my tapering seams in the inside-out photo above.  For the hem, I kept the original hem band of the sweater and folded it up to the inside of the skirt.  I secured it in place with 3 rows of zig-zag stitching, about 3/8 inch apart from each other.  I think the ribbed sweater band gives the skirt hem some much-needed structure and will keep it from rolling up during wear.

Skirt refashion from old sweater - booty shot

Here’s my smokin’ boo-tay in my new sweater-skirt.  : )  Think I can wear this to work?  Ha!

Skirt refashion from old sweater - side viewAnd an extremely unflattering side view.  Man, I need stop eating holiday cookies and to get to the gym!!!

Anyway, this sweater-to-skirt refashion was super easy, but I’m not sure I will actually wear the finished skirt out in public.  I think it’s the nature of a skirt made out of a thin sweater though, as opposed to the fact that I made it myself.  The fabric is *very* clingy, especially with tights underneath, and I like my clothes to have a little bit more structure to them.  Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed my first attempt at garment refashioning, and I’m calling it a success!

Do you refashion old garments, or just buy/make new ones?