Tag-a-long doll from Wee Wonderfuls

Tag-a-long doll - Wee Wonderfuls - 00 cover photo

Another sugary-cute softie to add to my growing collection — a sweet Tag-A-Long doll from Hillary Lang‘s adorable “Wee Wonderfuls” book.  This little doll is so inviting – I love her!  I whipped her up in only a few days using scrap fabric and some leftover brown felt.  She’s mostly machine sewn, with a little hand sewing to attach the collar and embroider the face.  I stuffed her “firmly” as recommended, and I think the finished product is just right.  Click below for lots more photos.  : )

Tag-a-long doll - Wee Wonderfuls - 01 Tag-a-long doll - Wee Wonderfuls - 02 Tag-a-long doll - Wee Wonderfuls - 03

Above you can see my hand stitching/tacking to attach the collar.  This is just about the only modification I made to the pattern — I didn’t have a matching piece of felt, so I made a little tube for the collar out of another fabric scrap.  I scalloped the bottom edge and attached it to cover the gathers at the top of the dress.  Not great, but close enough!  You can also see the details of the embroidered face.  Hillary has such a knack for simple but very cute faces.

Tag-a-long doll - Wee Wonderfuls - 04 Tag-a-long doll - Wee Wonderfuls - 05 Tag-a-long doll - Wee Wonderfuls - 06

More (somewhat sloppy) hand stitching at the collar.  Close enough!

Tag-a-long doll - Wee Wonderfuls - 07

Oh goodness, her undercarriage!  Apparently we have an exhibitionist among us…  : )

Tag-a-long doll - Wee Wonderfuls - 08

Relaxing with Maggie on a sunny Sunday morning.

Tag-a-long doll - Wee Wonderfuls - 09 Tag-a-long doll - Wee Wonderfuls - 10Her dress is made from leftover fabric from my “pretty” dresser, which I don’t think I ever blogged about since I can’t find the post, oops!  Needless to say, a little matchy-matchy action is my apartment is always welcome.

Overall, this was a very quick, easy, and sweet little project.  If only I could churn out cuteness like this all day long….  : )

2 thoughts on “Tag-a-long doll from Wee Wonderfuls

  1. Thanks! I would highly recommend the book – it’s filled with lots of adorable projects to learn/practice different skills. I’m still terrified of all the yarn and ribbon hair!


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