Nutcracker embroidery – 2 finished projects

Sugar Plum Fairy embroidery (The Floss Box) Clara embroidery (The Floss Box)

Two finished embroidery projects, both from the Nutcracker pattern series by The Floss Box (via Etsy). Top: Sugar Plum Fairy embroidery.  Bottom: Clara embroidery, including winter/holiday scene.  I just love how they both came out!  : )

And, since I’m not afraid to show the back of my embroidery projects, here you go:

Sugar Plum Fairy embroidery - back (The Floss Box) Clara embroidery - back (The Floss Box)

Not too sloppy this time, huh?  : )  As usual, I finished the pieces by gluing the edges of the fabric to the wooden embroidery hoops, which really couldn’t be quicker or easier.  I love that the hoops are super cheap (about $1 each!), fit the finished pieces perfectly, and make a charming frame to display in my apartment.

I really enjoyed stitching both of these projects, and i feel like I’ve been expanding my stitching skills with each new piece.  I’ve also realized that I prefer filled motifs (a la crewel embroidery) as opposed to simply outlining, and I think I’ll continue in this direction with future projects.  I just love the lush color and texture of the filled areas!

Photographing embroidery projects - light box and lighting

I used my DIY lightbox and a diffused flash (piece of white paper taped over the flash bulb) to photograph these pieces.  I think the photos came out pretty well, especially considering I use a crappy point-and-shoot camera and took all of these photos in the evening (with no natural light).  Ah, to have the luxury of being home during daylight hours!  Sadly, my at-home-during-daylight hours are restricted solely to weekends *and* require that those weekends contain sunny days, sigh.

Wall of embroidery (The Floss Box, SeptemberHouse, Polka and Bloom, JuneCraft, Merriweather Council)I’ve been displaying my small embroidery projects on my closet door, as you can see above.  I think the collection looks pretty charming and quaint, if I do say so myself.  Ahem.  : )  Perhaps one day my entire apartment will be filled with my handmade creations… and perhaps one day I will quit my full-time job so that I have the time to devote to them.  Hmm… not holding my breath on that one.  : )

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing my two little Nutcracker projects.  I can’t get over the cuteness!  Lately I’ve been getting back to garment sewing and just finished a button-down collared shirt for my Dad (hopefully pictures to come soon… waiting for him to take some photos and send them my way).  Now I’m back to working on my long-neglected blueberry crush dress (hello, I cut out the pieces in August!).  Crafting is certainly a slow process, but better to create slowly than not at all.  : )

Happy crafting!

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