Introducing Batty!

Batty cover photo - Soto Softies patternHello friends!  Allow me to introduce the newest member of the Allspice Abounds household: Batty!  I took a class at Gather Here back in October from the fabulous Martiza Soto herself (creator of the incredible Soto Softies, of which I’ve been a huge fan for many years), and I finally had some time to finish this little guy over the long Thanksgiving weekend.  I love love LOVE how he came out!  : )

This is my second softie and first time trying one of Maritza’s patterns, and all things considered, I think it came out pretty well.  The ears are going off in different directions, but this just adds to the charm of the finished piece, right?  Click below for lots more photos!

Batty 02

Batty 03

Batty 04

Batty 05

Batty 06Below you can see the button joints on the legs – pretty cool technique, especially because it required a super long doll-making needle.  The legs can freely rotate around the button.  Awesome.

Batty 07

Batty 08Even the bottoms of his feet are pretty.  : )

Batty 09

Batty 10What a cutie!!!  He even has embroidered fangs!

Many thanks to Maritza for her fabulous pattern, in-person instruction, and patience.  (And truth be told, I was completely star-struck meeting her.  She is truly a crafty rockstar!)

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