Clara embroidery – in progress

Clara embroidery in progress (Floss Box)A whimsical holiday-themed embroidery project!  I started this Nutcracker-themed embroidery featuring Clara (how cute is she?) a few weeks ago using a fantastic pattern from The Floss Box on Etsy.  I finally finished Clara herself, so I figured this was a good time to snap a photo.  : )  I really love how everything is coming out so far!

The pattern uses a combination of various stitches (chain stitch and French knots for the hat, split stitch for the face, satin stitch for the dress, herringbone stitch for the hair) and features gold metallic thread for that extra holiday kick.  This is my first time using metallic thread, and man is it a pain to work with!  So splitty!  But I suppose the finished effect is worth it.

Below you can see the entire design, so although I have a while to go, I do feel a sense of accomplishment having finished the main figure.

Clara embroidery in progress - zoomed out (The Floss Box)

Do you think I’ll actually finish this before Christmas?  Well… I’m not holding my breath.  Ahem.  : )  I *do* think it’ll be a great finished piece though… whenever I get around to it!

2 thoughts on “Clara embroidery – in progress

  1. I must tell you your embroidery projects have warmed me up to the idea of doing it myself. It was the one “stitch-related” thing I remember liking in home economics in junior high school.  

    “Clara” is cute!  



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