Simple green necklace

01 Green necklace - on meMy first necklace!  I used marbled green beads in 2 sizes (larger in the front and smaller around the neck), silver-coated wire, and simple wrapped loops for the connections.  I really like how it came out (despite the fact that it doesn’t really go with my orange shirt here, haha).  : )

02 Green necklace - detail sideAbove you can see the wrapped loops connecting the smaller green beads.  This simple project was a great way to practice my loops and wrapping, since I just did the same thing over and over again.  My loops aren’t quite perfect, but I’m working on it!

03 Green necklace - detail bottomHere you can see some of the larger beads and more detail on the loops.  I made 2-3 wraps on each side of each bead, depending on how many were needed to make the bead fit snugly between the wraps.

04 Green necklace - hanging upElegantly modeled on my super old-school peep hole (which is literally a big hole cut in the door with this little door covering it).  Gotta love these old buildings… and handmade necklaces!

Yellow beads

For my next project, I want to make a similar necklace with these yellow beads that I picked up at Boston Bead Company this afternoon.  More practice looping and wrapping…

Maggie nappingIn other news, Maggie had a near-escape on the streets of Cambridge yesterday (I was terrified!), but thankfully she’s safe at home now and getting back to her normal schedule (i.e., napping all day).  Phew!

2 thoughts on “Simple green necklace

  1. I loved your blue necklace on the orange shirt. While I can understand your wanting to make every loop “perfect,” unless you’re going for selling your future jewelry projects, I suggest you not focus on the “trees”…just enjoy looking at the forest!


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