More Stitches del Sol and an upgraded lightbox

Stitches del Sol surface - Day 1 closeupI started another little project today – the “swirly surface” (as I have decided to call it) from the Stitches del Sol pattern series by SeptemberHouse.  I think the pattern is a good combination of adorable and funky, and I love the color scheme of all these patterns.  In particular, I’m totally digging the red on blue here.  I traced the pattern using a heat-sensitive white marker from Clover with the fabric and pattern taped up to the window – not the most fun part of a project, but kind of necessary!  I hope I stick with this project because I’d really love to see it all finished and up on the wall.  As usual, I’m not holding my breath.  : )

Stitches del Sol surface - Day 1I dedicated part of this long weekend to re-vamping my lightbox, removing the original freezer paper and replacing it with newly-purchased tracing paper from an art supply store.  I had a feeling that the freezer paper wasn’t letting in enough light, and I do think the lighter/more translucent tracing paper worked out better.  Both of the photos above were taken at night with the new box and a diffused flash.  I still can’t get the background to be bright white, even after adjusting the exposure a bit, so there is still a lot to learn here.  Any suggestions?

Daisychain ABCs hung on the wallI also took a few minutes this weekend to hang up my finished Daisychain ABC sampler, which scored a prime location on my living room wall.  I’ve been staring at it and petting it all day.  Ahem.  : )  Nevermind the fact that I’m adding to the number of holes in my wall and thus the number of holes I’ll have to putty when I move out.  I’ll worry about that much later…. haha.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend!  Back to work/school tomorrow… and the first day of class.  Yikes!

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