Daisychain ABC sampler – finished!

01 Daisychain ABCs finished - coverTa-dah!  My finished Daisychain ABC sampler!!!  : )  Pattern by the lovely Posie: Rosy Little Things.

This was quite the project, let me tell you.  The entire two seasons of Downton Abbey and hours of 90s alternative on Pandora went into this baby.  Many finger pricks from sharp needles, endless tangled threads, and even a stray piece of thread that I’m pretty sure my cat ingested at some point (still waiting for it to come out).  I learned a bunch of new stitches and got a ton of practice getting things just right.  I cursed the pattern as “too tiny” and “too intricate” but persevered throughout my frustrations.  I dropped the project for a few months and came back to it with renewed enthusiasm.  It traveled to San Francisco and Montreal and endured airport layovers and cramped mid-flight stitching.  It is truly my embroidery masterpiece, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  : )

02 Daisychain ABCs finished - in corner

03 Daisychain ABCs finished - side angle view

04 Daisychain ABCs finished - top half

05 Daisychain ABCs finished - bottom half

06 Daisychain ABCs finished - on steps

07 Daisychain ABCS finished - with fenceI took the lazy man’s approach to framing this piece (as opposed to custom framing, which is kind of out of my budget range these days).  I bought a ready-made 11″x14″ frame at my local hardware store and used clear packing tape to stretch the fabric over the glass.  Easy peasy!  Total cost: 20 bucks.  Now I just have to find a good spot in my apartment to hang it.

08 Harvard Divinity School

The photo shoot this morning took place at the Harvard Divinity School, which seemed like an appropriately fancy place to show off my finished sampler.  I did get a few strange looks as I was positioning the frame and shooting from various angles, hanging off of staircases, etc…. but really, do you think I care about these things?  I just accept my craziness and move on.  : )

There really isn’t much else to say about this project, other than the fact that I am totally in love with it, as usual!  I feel like finishing my first challenging embroidery project is kind of like knitting my first wearable sweater, which was quite a crafty feat.  I also feel like I deserve a tall celebratory drink at this point.  : )  Here’s to more crafty goodness in the future!

7 thoughts on “Daisychain ABC sampler – finished!

  1. Fantastic Job! I have also started this one and have shelved it for some time now. You have inspired me to get it back out and finish! It looks so lovely done! Don’t you love Alicia’s patterns! 🙂


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