Etsy Global Craft Party!

01 Gather Here tea towelOn Friday night I went to the Etsy Global Craft Party at Gather Here, and it was AWESOME.  Loved it!  I guess the idea is to have parties all across the globe where people come together to make something and share their creative spirit, and that is exactly what we did.  This year’s project at Gather Here was to embroider silk screened tea towels, custom made by the fabulous Gather Here staff to represent all the different flavors of “making something.”  Above you can see a close up of the tea towel design, along with my one row of red stitching that took me the entire 2 hours to complete.   This is an EPIC embroidery project – it’s huge!  The party also included a ton of free food and beer, and it was so cool to meet awesome local crafters and chat about our hobby obsessions.  What a fun night!

02 StickersNo party is complete without free swag!  In addition to the tea towels and all the supplies to embroider them (hoops, needles, and thread), there were also cute stickers and buttons.  Everything was free.  It was crazy!  Huge thanks to Virginia and the rest of the Gather Here staff for hosting such a fun party and for welcoming us so openly.  If you ever find yourself in the Boston area, this shop is definitely worth checking out.  : )  (I’m not affiliated with them in any way, just a groupie!)

03 Gather Here tea towel - full viewLike I said, the tea towels are pretty freakin’ huge.  I’m curious to see who actually finishes their towel and how long it takes to start seeing the finished photos come in.  I could easily see myself working on this on and off until the next craft party a year from now!

04 Gather Here tea towel - stitching close-upHere’s a close up of my red split stitches along the bottom of the towel.  So cute and festive!  I even taught a few other people at my table how to do a handful of stitches, which was pretty fun and made me feel much smarter than I actually am, haha.  : )

Aside from all the crafting and chatting, the best part of the night was that I was pretty toasted the entire time, having just come from happy hour with my labmates.  Nothing like drunken embroidery to liven up a Friday night, haha.

Did you participate in an Etsy party this weekend?  If so, what did you make?

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