Daisychain ABCs: the end is near

01 Daisychain ABCs - WXYZThis weekend I finished the stitching on my Daisychain ABC sampler.  Ahhhhh, so close to a finished project!  A frame has been purchased, and I just have to put all the pieces together and take this baby outside for a proper photo shoot.  Very excited about this.  : )

02 Daisychain ABCs - W and XI finally finished the W after ignoring it almost the entire week.  I decided to do the leaves in herringbone stitch as opposed to fly stitch since I like the finished look much better.  In fact, I really love herringbone stitch and have decided to go out of my way to find ways to use it again sometime.  That’s what’s so great about a sampler – trying out new stitches and discovering your favorites.  The X is split stitch in light pink and dark pink.  You can see how big my stitches were getting toward the end of this project – I just wanted to be done already!  See all the brown fabric showing through?  For shame!  Haha, oh well.

03 Daisychain ABCs - Y and ZThe Y was a piece of cake, and I think the Z is gorgeous.  : )  I really like the idea of satin stitch outlined with something else, since the outline covers up any imperfections in the edges, which are bound to happen with satin stitch.  The H is a very similar design, and I also really like how that letter came out.

04 Daisychain ABCs - stitching all doneOoooh, all finished!  Just kinda wrinkly and unframed at this point.  I really can’t wait to see it all pressed and on display!

05 Maggie the birthday girlBy the way, today is Maggie’s 3rd birthday and the two-year anniversary of her adoption.  How exciting!  (Since she was a stray and we didn’t know her real birthday, I just decided to make it the same day as her adoption.)  Thanks to my sweet kitty for being such a loyal and joyful companion… and such a great sewing helper!

Stay tuned for the ta-dah post on the ABC sampler.  Hope you had a great weekend!

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