New embroidery, old embroidery

My very first embroidery attempt

Oooh look what I found!  A recently-completed Daisychain ABC sampler over at One Sheepish Girl.  So pretty!  Go check it out, and say hi to Meredith while you’re over there.  : )  I just discovered her blog today while looking for photos of finished samplers, and it is such a sweet and gorgeous site.

As for my sampler, not a stitch of progress has been made since my last post!  I want to pick it up again tonight before bed, so keep your fingers crossed that I don’t fall asleep before I get to it.

In other crafty news, I was at the bookstore again today, and I stumbled across an interesting book: The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos.  Ah, the nemesis of all craft blogs – crappy photos!  I admit that I’m plagued by Crappy Photo Syndrome (CPS), which I usually blame on my cheapo camera and lack of free time during natural light hours.  However, this book got me thinking about making a light box to at least get a little bit of improvement.  Any thoughts/experience with this?  Or do I really just need a better camera?

Finally, since no blog post is complete without a photo, I present my very first attempt at embroidery – a little likeness of Maggie all curled up in blissful sleep.  (Haha, of course it would be a cat!  Did you have any doubt?)  I made this in January of this year – not bad for my first try.  I found the cat pattern online here – give it a shot to honor the sweet kitty in your life.

Have a great night and happy crafting!

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