Cranking this embroidery OUT

01 Daisychain ABCs - V outsideMore outdoor embroidery!  : )  The only thing missing from this situation is a cold margarita freshly made by my own personal cabana boy.  Ahem.  : )  One day, ladies!

This weekend I put a decent amount of time into cranking out this Daisychain ABC sampler.  The end is so close… I can taste it!  Just a few more measly letters to go!  I had grand plans to buy a frame for the soon-to-be-finished piece this weekend, but I forgot like 3 different times.  Haha, oh well.  Next weekend perhaps.  For now, I’ve got U and V under my belt, with W well along its way.

02 Daisychain ABCs - U in progress

The U is stitched in fly stitch, which I’ve decided I do not like AT ALL.  It was hard for me to keep the stitches aligned properly, and I’m not sure I’m crazy about the finished look either.  I used my “guide lines,” as you can see above, similar to what I do for satin stitching.  I guess it worked out all right, but still, there’s not much love for this poor little U.  Sorry babe.

03 Daisychain ABCs - U finishedWhat do you think of the finished letter?  Kind of uneven?  It reminds me of fish bones after all the meat has been scraped off.  Hmmmm…. not a great image for embroidery.

04 Daisychain ABCs - V finishedThe V came out pretty well and looks so nice in this glorious natural light.  If only I could take all my photos outdoors in the sunshine!  I think that day will come right around the same time I get my own cabana boy, haha.  : )  The letter uses long and short stitch (the thick yellow portions), split stitch (the thin yellow lines), satin stitch (the pink scallops), and white French knots.

05 Daisychain ABCs - progress as of SundayThe proper place to display embroidery-in-progress in on the grass, of course.  : )

06 Maggie on beach chairWhen I came back inside after my outdoor embroidery session, I put my beach chair on the floor, turned around for a few seconds to put my stuff down, and turned back around to find that Maggie had claimed it for herself.  What a little diva!  I swear, she lays all over everything I bring into the house.  This chair is usually stored away in a corner, so having it out for her smelling pleasure was quite a treat.  I couldn’t bear to take it away from her, so I left it out… and she didn’t move for about 4 hours.  Ha!

07 Daisychain ABCs - W in progressAfter running a few errands during the afternoon, I picked up this bad boy again in the evening and managed to embroider most of the W.  The stems are split stitch, and the “flowers” are backstitch and French knots.  I like the design of this letter, and I’m curious to see what it will look like once I finish the leaves at the bottom, which I think I’ll do in satin stitch.

Let me tell you, these letters are averaging me about 1.5 hours each, which is kind of ridiculous.  I do love the relaxed pace of embroidery, but wow, I have been putting in quite a lot of hours lately!  Like I said last time, once I can see the end of the project, I just want to crank it out and finish it already.  Onward!

Gather Here Esty Party - tea towel preview

Image from Gather Here

In other crafty news, my favorite local craft store, Gather Here, is hosting an Etsy Global Craft Party this Friday.  SO excited!!!  Above is a preview of the tea towels they’re creating especially for the party, which are free to guests.  How awesome is that, and how cute is the design?  The idea is to embroider the tea towels at the party (or at least start) and to have a little treasure to bring home.  I’m really looking forward to celebrating and decorating my tea towel.  : )

Lots of embroidered goodness swirling around these days.  Love it!  Now… what about that margarita?

5 thoughts on “Cranking this embroidery OUT

  1. I’m LOVING your embroidery. Gorgeous. I kinda like your fly-stitched “U”. Doesn’t look too fish boney. Enjoy more embroidered goodness, and here’s to having our own personal cabana boy.


  2. Your sampler is looking great! It will be lovely framed, to set off your beautiful stitching. I’ve used fly stitch just for leaves and texture – usually single or separated, never as close together as you’ve done. I can see it would be hard to keep it all even, but you’ve done a great job … =D


  3. What beautiful embroidery. And what a fabulous thing to do al-fresco. I’m nervous of taking up a new sewing interest so as not to interfer with my already growing list of projects. But it’s very tempting when I see such lovlieness as this! Can’t wait to see it all framed. 🙂


  4. @Cuckoo – But how does one acquire such a cabana boy??? That is the question. : )

    @gonerustic – Awesome, maybe I’ll give fly stitch another try in a different context. I might warm up to it. : ) As for the margaritas, see my above question about the acquisition of an appropriate server.

    @ooobop! – Thanks so much! I know how you feel – I have craft ADD. I’m constantly jumping around from one thing to another depending on where my mind happens to wander. Since it’s all for fun, I just go with it. : )


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