Daisychain ABCs: R, S, and T

Daisychain ABCs - RMy Daisychain ABC sampler is moving right along!

Today I embroidered the R, S, and T, and although I am usually in love with each letter as I finish it, this time I’m not really feeling the love.  I’ve definitely been enjoying the process of stitching, but none of these 3 letters has really wowed me.  The R came out pretty wonky, in my opinion.  See how all the branches are different lengths and the French knots don’t line up with each other?  Even the curlicues on the bottom are a little crooked.  What was I thinking???  Haha, I guess this poor letter will never live up to its older brother, the glorious Q.

Daisychain ABCs - SI think the S came out pretty well – at least in terms of overall neatness and evenness of the stitches.  It’s just… well… there is nothing exciting about this letter!  Lots and lots of backstitch and not much else.  I do love the swirly design, but I guess I’m looking for something a little more complex in the stitches.  You know, like the Q.  : )

Daisychain ABCs - TThe T is stitched in long and short stitch, which I have to admit is pretty half-assed here.  I’m not a fan of stress in my embroidery, and long and short stitch really stresses me out!  I don’t like worrying about lining up all my stitches without a guideline (hmm, maybe next time I should just draw one in), so I found myself rushing to get this letter done.  It’s not bad overall, but it could be a lot better.  I stitched the K in long and short stitch (on a plane, no less!), and it came out much neater.  Oh well!

Not much else to report on the crafty front, as this week was a little bumpy, and sewing/stitching time was at a minimum.  Thank goodness for weekends though!  Now that I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with this project, I have even more motivation to keep going and get it done.  It’s like when you’re reading a book and only have 50 pages left, you just have to finish it off right then and there.  Plus, my blueberry crush dress is impatiently waiting.  The cut pieces call out to me each time I walk by them… how sad!  I need more hours in the day.  Can’t I just quit my job and sew full time?  : )

Have a great weekend and enjoy some down time!

4 thoughts on “Daisychain ABCs: R, S, and T

  1. Of the 3, the “R” is my favorite. I know how you feel. I want to just read a book start to finish but work calls to me too.



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