A kick-ass “Q” and an embroidery-gasm

Daisychain ABCs - QI am in love with this Q.  I know the photo quality is a little crappy (one day when I have a real salary I’ll get a better one!), but trust me, it is a thing of beauty.  I stitched it last night and have been admiring and petting it ever since.  Yes, I pet my embroidery.  I understand this is normal behavior.  : )

Daisychain ABCs - progressMy Daisychain ABC sampler is moving right along.  It’s a slow process, but I’ve really been enjoying all the little intricacies of each letter.  Embroidery is so great for relaxing and quiet time.  With all my lab work going wrong these days, I need a little relaxation in the evenings.  I know research is also a slow, arduous process, but come on people!  At this rate I’ll be getting my PhD at about the same time that I qualify for AARP!  Argh.

But I digress.  I went to the bookstore tonight after work and found a few items that were truly worthy of an embroidery-gasm.  And yes, there must be such a thing, because I definitely experienced it tonight.  : )  Behold:

  • The Stitch Bible.  Whoa.  My mind was blown by this book.  I had no idea the world of embroidery was this extensive and intricate.  The authors were trained at the Royal School of Needlework, so they really know their stuff.  I had to pick up my jaw from the floor when I was finished perusing this baby.
  • The Royal School of Needlework.  Whoa again.  I had no idea that such a place existed, and I find myself fighting back the urge to book a flight to London immediately.  They actually have a satellite location in San Francisco (with classes booking right now!), and it just so happens that I’ll be in LA for a conference just a few days before.  Holy crap.  If my flights hadn’t already been booked, I would be typing in my credit card number as we speak.  This is one of those “must do before I die” events, in addition to their certificate courses.  I can just imagine my summer of stitching in London… swoon.
  • Embroider Everything Workshop.  This book is adorable.  While not as technically advanced as The Stitch Bible, it includes some pretty seductive embroidery projects (yes, you read that right) and is super modern and charming.  I found myself actually wanting to make most of the projects in this book, which pretty much never happens.  Love it.

Maggie exposedToday was one of those days that started well, got a little bumpy in the middle (stupid lab work!), but ended on a good note (thanks to my little bookstore jaunt, complete with an iced chai latte – yum).  Even Maggie is in a good mood tonight, as evidenced by the completely and utterly relaxed pose above.  As I snapped this picture, I found myself wishing I could strike this pose more often, but alas, society frowns on grown women exposing themselves in public, haha.  In another life perhaps.  : )

Now hurry up and reserve your spot in the RSN’s San Francisco classes!

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