Outdoor embroidery in my urban oasis

01 Daisychain ABCs outsideI’ve been happily stitching away on my Daisychain ABC sampler, and this afternoon I took it outside for a little fresh air.  There was a time when I was too embarrassed to sew/knit/etc. in public, but I guess I don’t care anymore now that I’m older and wiser.  In fact, I would encourage crafting in public at any and all opportunities.  : )  Anyway, I found a little patch of grass at a neighboring building, and although it wasn’t exactly a park, it was big enough to spread out with my beach chair and far enough from the street that I wasn’t inhaling car exhaust the entire time.  I’d call that a success!

02 Daisychain ABCs - OThe pattern calls for satin stitching the O, but after seeing this beautiful alternate version on Flickr, I decided to go with the variation.  Kind of reminds me of the wreaths they used to crown the athletes in the Athens Olympics.  It also happens to be stitched in the colors of the Greek flag, so I guess it works out nicely.  My Greek grandmother would approve.  : )  The body of the O is fly stitch, and the “flowers” are French knots.  Lovely!

03 Daisychain ABCs - PThe P is chain stitched in bright pink.  Looks nice against the grassy background, no?  I think this one actually came out pretty well, considering my ongoing battle with chain stitch.  I find it so hard to get the stitches perfectly even, as you can see in my somewhat irregular stitches above.  Then again, one of the most charming things about handmade items is their imperfections, so maybe I should just accept it.  Ha, easier said than done!

04 Daisychain ABCs - P and QI started the Q and will hopefully finish it up tonight.  The “stem” is split stitch, and the flowers are lazy daisies (to be filled in later with yellow French knot centers).  I’m taking the pattern guidelines on flower placement pretty loosely, as I didn’t bother to mark each flower on the fabric.  I’m just going to embroider them willy-nilly, as an old friend loves to say.  : )  There is something very liberating about ditching the rules occasionally, and since I can’t really do it at work, I’m doing it in my hobbies.  I’m so rebellious, haha.

05 Daisychain ABCs outsideThe weather was unusually nice today, not too hot or humid, so it was a very enjoyable hour or so sitting in my mini-oasis.  I should have taken a picture of the entire grassy area just to show you how tiny and urban it is, but you’ll just have to use your imagination.  Sometimes I really miss the suburbs!

Hope you all found a mini-oasis of your own today.  : )

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