Fabric for my new dress: blueberry crush!

01 Blueberry crush fabric

This fabric combo is HOT!  I mean, bright blue with a hot pink accent?  What’s not to love???  : )  Apparently I’ve decided that Butterick 5602 version 2 will be a hot-mama type of dress… and really, one can never have too many dresses like that.  I’ve decided to call this dress “blueberry crush,” and hopefully the final product will live up to the hot-hot-hot expectations.  Oh baby!

The blue print is “Cobalt Ivy Bloom” from Amy Butler’s Lark collection, and I knew I wanted it as soon as I saw the bolt in the fabric store.  I unrolled a yard or so from the bolt, wrapped it around myself, checked myself out in the full-length mirror that I knew was lurking in the craft store bathroom (ha), and I was sold.  Can’t wait to crank this baby out!  The hot pink is Kona Cotton, and although I debated between pink and orange for the accent color, the pink was ultimately just too good to pass up.  I like how it ties into the blue-purple color family while still being a stark contrast from the blue.  Also, the girly part of me (you know, buried deep inside the liberal feminist) couldn’t resist.  So sue me.  : )

02 Blueberry crush fabric layoutThis afternoon I cut out the fabric, which always seems to wipe me out.  Maybe it’s because I have to do it hunched over on the floor!  Ah, this apartment drives me crazy sometimes.  Anyway, I did wind up going with my gut on the sizing, cutting a 10 on top and a 12 on the bottom and grading it right at the waist.  Also, to save fabric (and money), I cut the front and back pieces right next to each other on the blue fabric, even though the piece on the left cuts into the selvedge in the seam allowance.  I know you’re not supposed to do this, but I couldn’t bear to buy another 1.25 yards just for 3/8 of an inch!

03 Blueberry crush lining layoutCutting the lining pieces was a little more comfortable, since for some reason the Kona Cotton is just a bit wider than most other bolts I’ve seen.  Does anyone know why this is?  I’m using the leftover lining from the black and white dress, even though it doesn’t match the blueberry crush color combo.  Again, I craft on a budget!  The only place it might show is at the armholes if they gape a bit, so I’m thinking about making a small facing in the blue or pink fabric just inside of the armholes.  We’ll see.

04 Blueberry crush marking dartsI used tailor tacks to mark the darts again – not sure how well you can see the two white threads in the photo above.  These markings are at one end of the dart, which gradually gets wider as you move to the right.  The method worked so well for me last time – accurate and neat, with no permanent damage to the fabric.  Now I just have to actually sew all the darts… ugh.  I need a break after all that crawling around on the floor!

05 Blueberry crush fabric pieces cut outAt least I finished all the cutting today.  Above you can see the front and back lining pieces, the front and back fashion fabric pieces, and the hot pink neckband pieces.  I’m also planning on making a sash out of the pink (just like I did with the black and white dress), but I’ll save cutting those pieces for the end of the project.

So what do you think of this color combo?  I just love the brightness of it, and hopefully it won’t look ridiculous when I’m actually wearing it.  I’m excited to dive into this project!

Happy weekend everyone!

6 thoughts on “Fabric for my new dress: blueberry crush!

  1. to be honest, I’m having trouble getting used to this combo, Carolyn. I think I would have preferred yellow for the lining. Perhaps I’ll change my mind when I see the finished product, though; this is a very unique “experiment!”

    A week or so ago, your mom told me your maternal grandmother had been a dressmaker…now it’s all starting to “make sense!” And I commend you for being so determined that you would even be willing to cut while working on the floor.

    Be well,


  2. Thanks ladies! Hot mama, here I come! : )

    @ Sophia – The cream colored lining shouldn’t actually show on the outside of the dress, so I’m not worried that it doesn’t go with the blue and pink. Although I do think yellow would go well here! And yes, my grandmother was a dressmaker and taught me the basics as a kid. I still have her old notebooks and practice pieces from the 40s. : )


  3. Love that blue fabric!! I bet that’ll be fun to wear!!

    I cut all my stuff out on the floor, too (yay for small apartments!), which is twice as much fun when my cat decides to “help”…by the time I get a pattern and fabric and interfacing etc. totally cut out, I usually have to take a good long break to recover!


  4. Haha, very well said! My cat likes to help too, by happily spreading her fur all over my fabric. : ) Even though I sweep the floor before laying everything out, there is just no escaping the cat fur!


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