Pondering Butterick 5602 version 2

Butterick 5602 pattern and leftover fabricI’ve been pondering making a second version of my black and white dress (Butterick 5602), and I think I’m about 95% confident (as they say in statistics, ha) that I’ll do it.  As you can see, I already have about half of the needed supplies (pattern, plenty of leftover lining fabric, and fusible interfacing), which in grad student terms means less money to spend on my next project.  In other words, I might was well go for it!  It’s just a matter of envisioning the exterior fabric and what kind of look I want to go for.  Oh, the possibilities.  : )

I wore my black and white dress to work yesterday and have two major conclusions to report: (1) I felt awesome wearing my own creation!  And (2) the dress is definitely too big, especially above the waist.  Taken together, the urge to try this pattern again is pretty strong.  I’d love another handmade dress to walk around in, and I do want to try to get this bad boy to fit properly.  I cut a 14 for the black and white dress, and for version 2 I’m thinking about cutting a 10 on the top and a 12 on the bottom.  I usually wear a size 4 dress and 4/6 jeans. so… what does that translate to???  The fact that the size numbers are different is throwing me off, but I suppose I’ll figure it out.  It’s all part of the garment sewing learning curve.

In addition to trying to fix the fit issues, I want to work on my invisible zipper skills.  I’ve been eyeing this tutorial over at the Coletterie and am pretty much bewildered by this technique.  I asked someone at the craft store about it recently, and apparently you have to iron the zipper teeth flat so that you can sew right up against them.  Who knew??  I really want to give it a shot.  So much to learn, geez!

Anyway, that’s the plan.  This week has been super unproductive in terms of crafting time, but hopefully I’ll remedy that this weekend.   I did spruce up the blog a bit today, adding some color to my stark white landscape.  Please do let me know if anything looks funky, as I had to do some tricky things to edit the code in this free, CSS-locked WordPress blog.

Hope you’re having a good week!  : )

4 thoughts on “Pondering Butterick 5602 version 2

  1. Making another 5602 sounds great. It’s fun to have a TNT pattern. You look great in the black and white dress, so go for it. By the way, the blog looks good. Nothing funky as far as I can see.


  2. @prttynpnk – That looks super helpful, thanks! I actually like it better than the one at Coletterie.

    @Sophia – Thanks for reading!

    @Cuckoo Chanel – Thanks! If the second version fits better, it might just become a TNT. : ) Glad to hear the blog adjustments are holding up so far. I am definitely *not* an expert at this stuff!


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