Crafting in a tiny apartment

My tiny apartmentMy apartment is TINY.  It’s a 300-square-foot studio in a super old building.  What can I say?  I’m a poor grad student living in crowded city.  Anyway, with this small space, how do I manage to squeeze in any crafting space without encroaching on my living space?  Well, I don’t!  Everything is multipurpose.  Above you can see my combined desk/sewing table and my combined coffee table/dining table/crafting table, and my ironing station is on the floor (via a mini ironing board) to the left of the desk.  You can also see that my tiny TV rests on a clothes dresser, and my bed is situated right in the middle of all the action.  Craziness!

I do most of my craft work on the coffee table, crouching over while sitting on the couch (really a “chair and a half”) – not the most comfortable position, and not really enough room.  Even worse, I wind up doing large space-consuming tasks (like cutting fabric) while kneeling on the floor in my entryway – see below.  It’s a decent amount of open space, but working on the floor is awkward and takes its toll on my 30-something lower back, ha.  (In case you were wondering, the apartment is rounded out by a small galley kitchen in the upper right and the bathroom to the lower right of this photo.  Total living space: 20 feet by 15 feet!)

Some floor space for cutting fabricWith all of that said, lately I’ve been longing for some more space and – gasp – a dedicated craft room.  Specifically, I could really use a large, high-standing table at which I can sit in a normal upright position.  Technically I could fit such a table in my entryway, but it would have to easily fold up, as I use that space for walking in and out of the apartment.  Plus, it’s really the only space for Maggie to run around in.  And even if I found a large table that folds up, where am I going to put it when it’s folded?  There is zero “storage” space in this place.  Ah, the city life!

When I imagine my future craft room and large work table – you know, when I graduate one day! – this is what I want:

Ivy Cottage Blog - large craft tableImage from The Ivy Cottage Blog

WOW, what a beautiful open space and a gloriously LARGE table!  I am in awe, really.  The table is made from two doors and four bookshelves – great idea, I love it.  It’s high enough, big enough, and simple/cheap enough to make it yourself.  Plus, there’s plenty of storage for craft supplies on the shelves, and even under the table if needed.

Crafts by Amanda - large craft table

Image from Crafts by Amanda

Here’s another amazingly large craft table, homemade using the same method.  (This one comes complete with a handful of kitties.)  Awesome all around.  I want this!!!  Too bad I don’t have room for it, not to mention transportation to Home Depot to get supplies, a car big enough to get the supplies home, or the money to buy everything.  Argh, this PhD had better be worth it!

Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to dream and plan for my future LARGE apartment and LARGE craft table, complete with all the other luxuries I’ve been dreaming of (dishwasher, laundry, enough outdoor space to put a folding chair, a car, a parking space, a real paycheck….. but I digress).  : )  I love grad school, really, I do.  I swear.  : )

Maggie listeningMaggie was clearly not amused during the apartment photo shoot, haha.

What kind of craft space do you dream of?

2 thoughts on “Crafting in a tiny apartment

  1. Being a cat, Maggie probably thinks she owns the apartment! Love the way you’ve made such a small space work so well … and what a great idea that craft table is (the one with the 2 doors resting on some bookshelves) … =D


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