And the winner is…

Butterick B5602

Butterick 5602!  With the clear shaping lines and the instructions for lining the dress, I figured this would be a good next project for me.  I can learn a few new skills and continue to practice altering patterns, and hopefully I’ll wind up with a sexy finished product.  : )

I purchased the pattern over the weekend and even made a trip over to Gather Here to pick out some fabric.  Exciting!!  After perusing the shelves for a good long time, I finally decided on a black and white circular print for the outer portion of the dress, plain black for the neckline and pocket cuffs, and cream for the lining.  (The white in the photo is fusible interfacing for the neckline.)  I wasn’t specifically aiming to replicate the colors in the pattern art so closely, but I’m pretty happy with what I got.  I’ve been into polka dots lately.  So sue me.  : )

Fabric for Butterick 5602I also managed to tape together all the pattern PDF pages (so much tape!) and even started cutting out the pieces.  As you can see, Maggie always gets in on the action.  : )  She is a crafty kitty.  I debated over which size to cut and finally decided on a 14.  I heard somewhere that it’s a good idea to choose a size based on the widest part of your body and then take in the excess elsewhere.  So, that’s what I’m going with!  I have huge shoulders (thanks universe!) and need the width in the upper bodice, and I can take in the waist and skirt as needed.

Butterick 5602 pattern and MaggieAh, a new project.  It’s kind of like new car smell only without the smell.  If only new sewing projects had an awesome scent to bask in!  : )

I also had my fitting/pinning session for the red polka dot dress today, so hopefully that beast will be finished in the near future.  I was less meticulous about darts than last time, and I left the ends loose to tie them (thanks to everyone for the good advice!).  I think the extra darts will drastically improve the fit, but since they’re all being added as an afterthought, I have a feeling the finished dress will be a little wonky.  Oh well, it was my first one!  Hopefully it will come out looking decent enough to wear.

I’ll keep you posted on both dresses as they move along.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. I love the black and white dress; simple lines…very nice; I can see you in it easily!
    I didn’t have time to vote before your decision was made, but I would have picked this
    one for you too.

    I love the red polka dot dress too. You’re lucky to have someone help “fit” you!


  2. @Sohpia – Thanks! Yes, I do tend to go for simple clothing – makes it easier for clothes to last over many seasons of trends. : )

    @prttynpnk – Very well said, thanks! Perhaps you’re discovering your simple side?? : )


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