Golden wishbones: finished!

Golden wishbones 01

Behold, the finished “golden wishbone” embroidery!  : )  I really like how this came out, despite my hesitation about the color choices earlier.  This is quite a departure from the colors I usually gravitate toward – blues and purples – but I think taking a little bit of a leap worked out in the end.  As I’ve mentioned before, this piece is a total knock-off of the fabulous Merriweather Council’s embroidered hoop wall art, so although I can’t take much credit for it, I’m excited to hang this little hoop of warmth in my apartment.  Yay for more completed embroidery projects!

This piece was so simple and worked up so quickly that I really don’t have much to say about it (except that I am totally in love with it, ha, like all my projects lately).  : )  But, I do have some semi-close-up photos of the stitches for you to check out.  My camera is a cheap little point-and-shoot, but I’ve found that the macro helps a bit with close-up shots.  One day I’ll get a real camera, I swear!  I just need a non-grad-student salary first.  Don’t hold your breath for this to happen anytime soon though…  I’m only in my 2nd year of this PhD program.  Ugh!

Anyway, some glamour shot of Danielle’s signature “wishbone” stitches, stitched by me:

Golden wishbones 02

What do you think of the pinks and yellows against the gold background?  (The fabric color is more accurate in the photo above than in the one below.)

Golden wishbones 03

An extreme close-up…

Golden wishbones 04

And the back!  I’m all about showing the back of my work… nothing to hide here!  This back is a little messier than some of my previous projects, but alas, it’s hard to avoid when using one color all over the piece.  Oh well!

Golden wishbones 05

The finished piece again, with the excess fabric removed.  I really like the idea of finishing these pieces right in the hoops.  I think it preserves some of the handmade charm, and besides, the hoops are a lot less expensive than frames!  Cant go wrong with a $1 “frame” that fits the piece perfectly.  : )

Golden wishbones 06

Anyway, that’s about it for this piece!  Now all I have to do is find a spot on my wall to hang it… haha, easier said than done.

Oh, that reminds me: I hung up my fungi embroidery at my desk earlier this week, and thankfully I didn’t get too many groans from my labmates.  I think they found it quite charming, actually.  Or at least that’s what they told me.  : )

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