I got me some hoopz


Hoops hoops hoops hoops hoops.  We now have hoops.  Finally!  : )  After work I went over to Artist & Craftsman Supply in Central Square and picked up a min-haul of much-needed hoops.  Oh the hoopy goodness.  I got a variety of sizes, and for about $1 each, I really couldn’t go wrong.  Did I mention that I’m excited about all these glorious hoops??  What will they become?  Where will I hang them?  How long will it take before I need MOAR HOOPZ???  : )

Oh, and Maggie is excited about the hoopiness too.  I think this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of her.  Sniffing in the hoopy wooden aroma.  Eyes closed in extreme crafty satisfaction.  Kitty bliss.  She really is her mother’s daughter.  Ahem.  : )

Maggie sniffing hoops

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