Golden wishbones and a windy day

Golden wishbones - beginning

It turns out that sick days are particularly good for crafty couch time.  : )  I was home sick (again) today with a virus that’s been doing a number on my throat and general state of health, but it turned out to be quite a beautiful, sunny, warm, and relaxing day curled up on the couch with Maggie and my embroidery.  Can’t complain, really.  (Well, except for the hacking-up-of-lungs that periodically interrupted my crafty bliss.)  But moving right along…

Above you see the beginnings of my “golden wishbone” embroidery that I mentioned yesterday.  I can’t take any creative credit for this design because it’s a total knock-off of the fabulous Danielle’s embroidered hoop wall art.  BUT, I did pick out the colors myself.  : )  Baby steps.

The “wishbone” is Danielle’s signature embroidery stitch that I also used for my tote bag after taking her class at Gather Here in January.  I love the simplicity of it, and for some reason they look like abstract smiley faces to me, which just makes me that much happier every time I stitch one.  And yes, I really am that sappy.  Ahem.

In this photo I had finished two out of five colors in the pink/yellow family that I’d chosen for this project – a light peach/pink and an eggshell white.  I’ve also got a golden orange and two shades of yellow to go.  So far I’m really liking the color combo!  Color is such a challenge for me, but just the fact that I’m actually using this golden/brown fabric (that has been sitting in my stash for way too long) is a big step for me.  I may never reach the color-goddess status of Attic 24, but I’ll take whatever progress I can get.  Yay golden wishbones, I love you already!

In other news, since I was home on the couch all day, I got to witness first-hand all the glorious wind that was whipping around Boston today.  It was awesome, especially with all the windows open to let in the warm (albeit breezy) air.  And let me tell you, Maggie was in heaven.  Stuff blowing around!  Tree branches falling!  Smells being blown in from all over the city!  Wind whipping in her sweet kitty face!  She was running all over the apartment all day in pure feline bliss, and now she is one sleepy cat.  I have a feeling there won’t be any midnight toy chasing tonight.  : )

Sleepy Maggie

Aww, sleepy Maggie.  Well that’s about it for tonight… hope everyone in the northeast enjoyed the absolutely gorgeous day today!

2 thoughts on “Golden wishbones and a windy day

  1. You call them wishbones and smiley faces; I call them angel wings. I have a feeling mom would agree. 😉 I love the color combo –that gold is beautiful–and look forward to seeing further adventures in color!

    Yes, had a wonderful day on Long Island…walked for half an hour up and down the private road (shared with two other families) and around the circular drive in front of our house, with the lovely company of a first-time mother and her 2-month old baby, fellow members of our parish. Like your Maggie, I expect to sleep well tonight!

    your best fan!


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