Clover water-soluble pen: product review

Just a quick post tonight – I wanted to share my thoughts on the Clover water-soluble pen that I’ve been using for the Tree of Life embroidery project.  As I’ve mentioned before, the pen is indeed very water-soluble, and the markings disappeared as soon as the water from my spray bottle hit them.  Instant mark removal – awesome.  I was impressed.  But alas, the markings came back when the fabric dried.  WTF?  I’ve noticed that when the fabric dries, a blue “ring” appears around the area that I sprayed (i.e., right at the edge of the formerly water-soaked area).  I’ve gone back several times now to re-spray and get rid of the blue ring, but I always just get a new blue ring around the latest sprayed area.  Argh!  Super frustrating.  I suppose I should try just soaking the entire piece in a tub of water, but as of right now, I’ve re-sprayed the entire piece, making sure there is no “edge” where a new blue ring could form.

Sigh.  All I want to do is finish off this project, hang it on the wall, and admire my burgeoning embroidery skillz, but this stupid blue pen is driving me CRAZY.  Crazy, I tell you!!!  Has anyone else experienced this issue with these types of pens?  Does dunking the entire piece in the sink eliminate the problem?  Will my project ever be finished???

I suppose the more important question is: what will my next exciting embroidery project be?  : )

Also, speaking of upcoming projects, I’m taking an introductory sewing class at Gather Here this weekend, and I am SO excited to get back on the sewing machine.  It’s been years.  I was probably buying Nevermind at the same time as my last sewing machine experience.  Ahem.  Anyway, I will be making a simple tote bag, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  Craftiness abounds!

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