Origami happiness in my entryway

Origami hanging - dove and crane

Every once in a while I get the urge to make a little origami goodness.  I love the brightly colored paper, the crisp folds, and the whimsical creatures that result.  This year, I whipped up this simple holiday decoration and hung it across the entryway in my apartment.  I used some white curling ribbon and some red and green origami paper, folded up a few birds and cicadas, and taped each creature to the ribbon.  Couldn’t be simpler!  I’m pretty happy with how it came out, and I love the little touch of handmade holiday goodness welcoming me home each day.  : )

Here’s the whole she-bang hanging in the entryway:

Origami hanging - fron

So simple, but it adds a whimsical touch to the apartment.  (By the way, you can see how tiny my apartment really is in these photos.  Notice how I have things stacked up to the ceiling – a necessary strategy in a 300-sf space!  Also, notice how my clothes dresser is right next to the microwave… not exactly ideal, haha!)  And here’s the view from the back (now you’ve seen almost my entire apartment – yes, it’s that small!):

Origami hanging - back

There is definitely a front and back to this decoration, so I faced the front toward the bedroom/living room so I can enjoy it while I’m relaxing on the couch.

A made some doves using an online tutorial (that of course I can’t find now that I’m looking for it again, sorry!), and a red and green pair face each other at the center:

Origami hanging - two doves

I also made some classic origami cranes (one of which you can see in the photo at the top of this post) and some cicadas; both patterns were included with my pack of origami paper.  Easy peasy!

Origami hanging - cicada

Origami hanging - cicada and dove

That’s about it!  I’ve always been a fan of hanging up little things like this, especially when they’re handmade.  It’s difficult to explain how much joy these little holiday-colored creatures give me each time I glance up at them.  Too cute!  : )  One day my entire apartment will be covered with this kind of cuteness… I just need to drop out of school and work on my little projects full-time.  Hahaha.  I’ll just keep dreaming about that… : )

In the meantime, I’m officially on vacation and have been soaking up every minute of it!  I finally decided on a mitten pattern (the Forest Mushroom Mittens) and may have accidentally dropped my credit card into the swipey machine and brought home some yarn this afternoon.  Ahem.  It happens.

Less than a week till Christmas!

(P.S. – Happy Birthday Arnold!)

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