Granny circle placemats: finished!

Granny circle placemats - finished

All done!  Two wonderfully pastel Granny Circle Placemats to brighten up my teeny tiny apartment.  I couldn’t be more pleased with them!  : )  I had finished the blue/green one a while back, and I just wrapped up the coral edge on the pink one last night.  I soaked them in water for a bit to flatten them out, blocked them on my kitchen counter overnight, and voila!  Dry, flat, and all ready for me to eat dinner off of them tonight.  I can’t wait!  Now the question is: which one should I use first?

Granny circle placemats - blue

Granny circle placemats - pink

These placemats were super easy to make and didn’t take long to whip up at all (granted, it took me a half a year to actually get around to finishing them), and I love the beautifully simply design.  They’re a great homemade addition to my apartment, and especially to my boring/industrial Ikea coffee table (the black table shown below).  Slowly but surely, I’m filling my apartment with little touches of handmade goodness.  It makes such a big difference!  And besides, don’t the placemats look cute with my winter cups and dishes?  : )

Granny circle placemats - black

My only suggestion for next time would be to use the same type of yarn for the inner portion and the contrasting edge.  I used 100% cotton for the center of the blue/green placemat and a 50/50 cotton/bamboo blend for the center of the pink/coral one.  I like the color combinations, but the cotton/bamboo stretched out a bit more than the 100% cotton, which resulted in the pink/coral placemat being slightly larger.  Not a big deal, but it kinda throws off the symmetry.  You know, for the OCD in all of us.  : )

Granny circle placemats - close up

Ahh, I feel relaxed just *looking* at these simple stitches.  : )  By the way, the candy canes in the top photo are handmade by a little shop in Cape Cod, MA.  My advisor bought them for everyone in the lab for the holidays, along with some *amazing* chocolates from the same shop.  If the candy canes are as good as the chocolates, I’m in for a treat.  Mmmm.

All in all, I’m really happy with how these placemats came out, and I couldn’t be happier to simply have the time to indulge in my crafty hobbies again.  Oh, how I’d missed them!  I’ve also really been enjoying keeping up this little blog – it’s a great way to relax at the end of the day, and it motivates me to keep coming up with new projects to share.  I hope you’ve been enjoying it as well.  : )

My list of half-finished knitting projects is winding down, so it might be time for me to start one of those mitten patterns I’ve been dreaming about.  Good thing I’m off from work this week and will have time to do a little yarn shopping.  Hello, holiday break!  Gotta love the academic calendar!

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