Good food needs a good placemat

Granny circle placement pink

Believe it: I’m crocheting a placemat.  Not any old placemat, but the Granny Circle Placemat from the Purl Bee, my favorite blog for gorgeous crafty inspiration.  Never in my life did I think that I’d be this excited about crocheting a placemat, but here I am.  Love this!  Oooooooh the love for this placemat knows no bounds.  I wish I could frolic through a meadow full of dandelions and dance in slow motion with my half-finished placemat.  I want to sing it love songs and make it a fancy dinner.  I want to roll around naked in a sea of crocheted placemats.  Haha, that might be pushing it, but you get the idea.  : )

By the way, sorry for the crappy lighting in these photos.  I took them tonight in my poorly-lit apartment with little patience to try to fix the situation.  Truth be told, I am pooped tonight!  Hopefully the finished placemat post will feature some better photos.  Let’s all cross our fingers for that, shall we?  Excellent.  Moving right along…

Granny circle placement pink - close up

As the name implies, this Granny Circle Placemat is essentially a big granny square in circular form.  Super easy to whip up.  Very rhythmic and monotonous.  Just the type of project I’ve needed these days.  I had originally intended to only do one round of the contrast color (as in the pattern), but alas, I wanted to use up some leftover yarn on this project, and I just didn’t have enough to get the proportions right.  So, my placemat will have about 4 rounds of contrast color instead of one.  Oh well!  It will hold my plate just as well.  : )

The yarn I’m using is Debbie Bliss Eco Baby (the pink in this case) and Classic Elite Cotton Bam Boo (the coral).  Both are beautifully soft yarns to work with.  Truth be told, I’ve already finished another placemat in green and blue using the same yarns.  Apparently I will have matching boy and girl placements, just what every household needs.  Ha.  Also, how awesome is it that I’ll have two placemats for a one-person house?  I guess I can bust the other one out for company… hmm, I smell a good excuse to invite someone over for dinner!

Granny circle placement pink - on Maggie

Why do I do these things to my cat, you ask?  She is just such a beautiful model, I suppose.  : )

Anyway, one last bit of info about this pink placemat-in-progress (and her blue/green fraternal twin): these guys have been in the making for quite some time.  I remember crocheting part of the blue/green placemat in my beach chair over the summer (which shows just how long they have been sitting around – it’s December, for pete’s sake!), and I started this pink one on a cross-country flight in September.  Geez Louise.  Clearly I am a little behind, but at least I’m getting back to it now.  I finished up the blue/green one last night, and hopefully this pink beauty will be done in the next few days.  Onward!

If you’re going to spend all that time cooking yummy food, you might as well eat it with a beautiful, hand-made placemat underneath.  I mean, why not?  Life is about the little things, after all.  : )

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