Christmas cards, office clothes, and Yoda

Christmas cards

I finally got around to picking up (and filling out and mailing) some Christmas cards this past weekend, and look at the adorable cards I found at my local bookstore!  Oh, the cuteness and homey goodness!  I fell in love with them immediately, and to top it off, they were super affordable.  Done and done.  As I was carrying my new-found treasure around the store, I happened to stumble upon this book – Home-Made Christmas – from which the beautiful images on the cards were taken.  Ahhh, it was quite an effort not to scoop up this book and take it home with me.  If only I had a few extra bucks laying around!  Oh well, in another life perhaps.  Anyway, I was so delighted with these cheery cards, and the only down-side is that after I mailed them all out, I didn’t have any leftover for myself.  Ha!

BTW, if I recall correctly from the book, the little red tube in the upper left photo is called a “cracker,” and I think you’re supposed to fill it up with little holiday treats – maybe tiny cookies or chocolates or something.  It was made out of a paper towel roll and covered with pretty paper and ribbons.  Is this a common thing?  I had never heard of it before!  I feel very taken aback as a craft enthusiast that this mysterious “cracker” has eluded me all these years.  For shame!  : )

Anyway, in other totally unrelated news, I’ve been feeling like quite a sloppy dresser ever since I went back to school, and it’s really starting to bother me.  I miss dressing up and wearing my heels!  Ah, the life of a poor grad student.  To make myself feel a little better, I dug out some of my old office clothes over the weekend and played dress-up for a bit.  Here’s the result:

Looking decent for a change

Not too shabby!  I pulled out a nice wool blazer and wool pants, and what you don’t see in this photo are my kick-ass boots with four-inch stilettos.  : )  I love you, my precious heels!  I chopped off some of my unruly hair this afternoon, and I even wore some pink boots (albeit with rather low heels) to school yesterday.  Baby steps.  I think I need to make more of an effort to look decent on a daily basis, but it’s so hard when I work in a lab with the risk of spilling chemicals on myself at any moment.  (And yes, I’m quite the klutz in the lab and tend to spill things… a lot.  Haha.)  So we’ll see.  At least I looked decent for a few minutes over the weekend.  Any progress is good progress!

Since this is such a random post, I’ll give you one more piece of randomness: A friend sent me the link to this Yoda Hat earlier today… what do you think?  : )

Hope your week is going well… the countdown to the holiday break is in full swing!

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