Chicken-mushroom quesadillas: quick and delicious!

Easy chicken-mushroom quesadillas

Tonight I whipped up some chicken-mushroom quesadillas (recipe courtesy of my old friend, the Food Network), and not only were they super easy and quick to throw together (less than 30 minutes start to finish), but they were also DELICIOUS.  I love having the time to cook again!  Oh how I’d missed it all semester!  I was pleasantly surprised that this recipe used such simple ingredients and was so quick to make but still managed to be incredibly tasty.  Awesome.  I’ll be making these a lot more often, and my belly will be thanking me.  YUM.

I don’t have a play-by-play for this dish, but essentially you just cook some chicken breast, mushrooms, onions, and garlic in a large skillet, add some yummy spices (including chili power and cumin), throw in a little fresh spinach at the end, and pile it all on top of a whole-wheat tortilla.  If you’d like (and I certainly do), toss some shredded cheddar on top.  Voila!  I didn’t include another tortilla on top, so I guess this isn’t actually a quesadilla, but you get the idea.  Fresh, relatively healthy (except for the gooey cheese, of course), and super tasty.  I dipped these bad boys in some habanero lime salsa as I ate – delish.

I find that my life is so much more satisfying when I’m eating healthy food and actually have the time to make it myself.  There’s a disappointing lack of healthy restaurants near my apartment, so if I want something fresh and healthy, I’ve got to cook it at home.  No prob, since I love to cook… the problem is finding the time!  I’m excited to have a month and a half of downtime coming up (well, no classes at least), which means a little wiggle room to search for yummy recipes and spend some quality time in the kitchen.  It’s amazing what a difference this makes.  I’m a happy (and full) girl right now.  : )

Hmm… so what should I make next?  : )

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