Red and purple scarf: now with (slightly) more length

Red and purple scarf - progress - on Sammy

Remember this?  It’s the red and purple scarf, now a little longer than last time!  Awesome!!  I know it may not look a whole lot longer, but it is indeed getting there, slowly but surely.  I work on it a bit here and there, and eventually it will actually become a scarf.  Patience, my darlings!  For now, it fits Sammy quite nicely, my trusty bear and knitting-project-modeler.  If it’s not yet keeping me warm, he might as well get some use out of it.  : )

Red and purple scarf - progress - on pillow

While I enjoy working on this little project, I’ve noticed that it does require a bit of a commitment.  I usually sit on the couch and put one ball of yarn on one side of me and the other on the other side, and I pull out quite a bit of yarn to work from (since I don’t want two balls of yarn haphazardly rolling all over the place as I knit).  The result is that I wind up getting buried underneath a carefully-managed web of yarn, which makes it hard to get up in the middle to take a break.  Hmm.  It’s ok, it just means that I don’t work on it as often as I probably would, but it will get done eventually.  I will persevere!

Red and purple scarf - progress - with Maggie

One good thing about this project is that Maggie LOVES it.  She loves the two balls of yarn (two at once! how exciting!), she loves all the pulled-out-and-ready-to-knit yarn strewn across my lap, and she loves all the action of me flipping the scarf back and forth.  It’s adorable!  It also means I always have a snuggly companion when I whip out this project.  : )  I do let her play with the yarn a little bit (like I said, she gets such a kick out of it), and I just stop her when she tries to eat it.  Don’t worry, the entire thing is kept in a closed drawer when it’s not actively in use.  I’ve heard the cat-and-yarn horror stories – no thanks!

So this project is steadily moving along at a snail’s pace… but any progress is good progress at this point.  Keep calm and knit on!

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