Handmade undies in fuchsia and blue

So Zo undies by Allspice Abounds - finished

After all the precise sewing on my Archer and a few busy weeks with not much sewing progress, I needed a simple, instant gratification project to get my sew-jo back.  I’m sure you can relate.  I decided to whip up a few more pairs of So Zo undies using some jersey scraps that I had lying around and a fresh batch of fold-over elastic.  I guess I was on a roll because I wound up making 5 pairs!  Yay for some new, colorful additions to my unmentionables drawer.  :)

So Zo undies by Allspice Abounds - front

Both the fuchsia and stone blue jersey are an organic cotton/bamboo/soy blend that is super soft and squishy… and holds up great in the wash.  Perfect for undies!  I don’t know where Gather Here, my local fabric shop, finds this amazing jersey, but it is hands-down the best jersey I’ve come across and wish I could use it for all my projects forever and ever.

The eagle-eyed among you may recognize the fuchsia from the Epic Panty Fail of 2013, LOL.  At least some of this delicious jersey made it into a wearable garment!  The blue is the same jersey as my previous pairs, and I managed to cut a full 6 pairs out of 1 yard.

So Zo undies by Allspice Abounds - back

There really isn’t much else to say about this pattern than I haven’t said in previous posts, except to reiterate that this is a great pattern for anyone new to lingerie sewing (like me).  Just cut out the 3 pieces, sew up a few short seams, and slap on the fold-over elastic.  Very little room for error!  And the fit is great – comfortable without being frumpy at all.  (I modeled them in a previous post – gasp!)  If you don’t know where to start, I’d recommended giving this pattern a try.  It’s free!

So Zo undies by Allspice Abounds - seaming detail

I still want to venture beyond these undies into more complicated patterns and fabrics (can anyone say stretch lace??), but for now this project was exactly what I needed.

Let us all rejoice at undergarments that actually fit.  :)

So Zo undies by Allspice Abounds - lined up

Have you been sewing any lingerie lately?  It seems to be taking the sewing world by storm!

  1. So cool! I have thought about making some before, but it hasn’t happened yet. I have a cover stitch machine, and it makes it even more appealing now :)

    • Carolyn said:

      Oooh, fancy! Yes, I bet a coverstitch machine would make lingerie sewing easier, and a bunch of other projects too.

      • Yep, tshirts should abound. I must admit though, I havent used it on a garment since I got it serviced, and its working like a dream. Im scared of it becoming unthreaded and me breaking down! Ill get there!

        • Carolyn said:

          Good luck!! :)

  2. Quick and easy projects are the best! and comfy undies are always a winner…


    • Carolyn said:

      Haha exactly. Every once in a while I need a quick and satisfying project. Even better when it’s super functional too. :)

  3. I love these! This is definitely something I want to tackle eventually.

    • Carolyn said:

      Thanks Teri! This pattern is super straightforward – a great place to start.

  4. lisa g said:

    these look great! i know undies are such a quick project but i’ve yet to venture into that realm… my to do list includes sorting my fabric scraps, so hopefully i’ll have some scraps suitable for undies!

    • Carolyn said:

      Thanks Lisa! You’ve made so many complicated projects (pants!!) that I’m sure a few pairs of undies would be no problem for you. Hope you give it a try! :)

  5. Kat said:

    Veeery nice! Yeah, I’ve sewn bras before, but not undies…so will have to give that a try soon…they seem really easy to do and a great stash busting project.

    • Carolyn said:

      Thanks Kat! Exactly – quick easy to make, and great for using up small-ish jersey scraps. I still haven’t tried sewing bras, but I really want to do it sometime! I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way I’m going to own a bra that fits properly is to make one myself.

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