Sewing selfie (and out-takes!)

Sewing selfie - Carolyn at Allspice Abounds

Karen of Did You Make That recently came up with a great idea (as usual) – to share your sewing selfie! She created a Flickr group for all of us sewists to share our lovely faces and get to know each other.  After all, aren’t we all so friendly?  : )  I really liked the idea and was excited to make my contribution to the group.

So here you go!  I’m posing in a me-made top (this tie-dyed Renfrew) with my beloved copy of the Reader’s Digest New Complete Guide to Sewing, in front of my little Christmas tree filled with handmade ornaments.  What do you think?  : )

Be sure to head on over to the Flickr group to check out everyone’s awesome sewing selfies!

And if you’d like, check out my selfie out-takes below…

Sewing selfie out-takes 1

Posing with my latest fabric purchases: a lovely cotton voile print and some teal cotton jersey.

Sewing selfie out-takes 2

A few attempts to get a shot with my closet door full of embroidery projects in the background…

Sewing selfie out-takes 3 Sewing selfie out-takes 4

And then I just started to get a little silly with the camera…  : )

Sewing selfie out-takes 5 Sewing selfie out-takes 6 Sewing selfie out-takes 7Yay sewing and happy holidays!  : )

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  1. Corinne said:

    Such a great idea! Love the out-takes, btw. :)

    • Carolyn said:

      Haha, thanks. I had fun with it!

  2. Oh, and now I’ve seen your embroidery. Want to do embroidery! Gorgeous.

    • Carolyn said:

      Yeah, give it a try! It’s slow-going but great for long plane rides.

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